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A Little Help From My Friends


‘Overwhelming’ doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of thoughtful comments, emails, and other little notes I’ve received lately. Really, I can’t say thank you enough for just watching the video and not quietly vomiting on your keyboard, so I wish I had time to actually answer each and every little note. There are few times that it’s such a wonderful way to be overwhelmed, but this is perhaps the best source of ‘stress’! To help ease the pressure of replying to emails, I’ve called out the help of a friend to act as a secretary for a bit.

While she’s been a huge help thus far, I can’t help but be concerned about letters falling through the cracks. It’s tough to hit all the keys for her, so typos are unavoidable, and I can’t say she’s the most computer literate… This arrangement is still on a trial basis, to say the least.

In case you still haven’t heard back from me, I’ll try to sort through things asap… Although I kind of have a feeling that my secretary here is actually making a bigger mess than I started with. Sorry for the delay, it might be a while!


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

23 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww! your little secretary is the most cutest ever! and i love her little outfit! i hope you feel less overwhelmed soon – hang in there! :D


  2. What an adorable little secretary!! Hope she helps you feel less-stressed!!


  3. How cute!!!!

    I’m glad to hear that you have a little helper, and I hope you feel less overwhelmed!


  4. Your little helper is quite adorable!


  5. I wouldn’t mind having this cute little secretary to assist me!!


  6. She’s so cute! I especially love the expression on her face. XD


  7. Hi Hannah! Good for you for delegating some responsibility to your adorable secretary. ;) I just watched the Everyday Dish segment and you did wonderfully! You should be so proud of yourself for accomplishing that feat; I’m sure it’s not easy to get in front of a camera to teach one of your recipes. I wish you’d added L.A. to your mini-tour when you were on the west coast for the Portland book signing. I’d love to meet you!


  8. I have only recently become vegan, and I have to tell you that you make being vegan look so incredibly lovely and whimsical and of course, delicious!


  9. You really did a great job on the video! And the “whoopies” look delicious! And the recipe easy enough for even us non-vegans! I do appreciate that!

    Your secretary is adorable. Be patient, she might surprise you in the end! :)


  10. Vomit?! No way, girl! You’re amazing.


  11. She is just way to cute!!!!! Maybe you could share the pattern for her with us other overwhelmed girls.
    Take care of yourself, It will all work out!


  12. Love your secretary! What a doll! LOL. I can’t wait to see more videos from you!


  13. She is so CUTE! I bet she is a wonderful helper!! :D


  14. So freakin cute!!! You have totally inspired me to start crocheting cute little things, I LOVE IT!!!! I made a “hamburger” for my sisters little baby. I told my vegan coworker not to worry it was a veggie burger :) PS I tagged you.. just ignore me if you don’t feel like playing hehe :D


  15. Hahaha, what a great post! Your secretary is so stylish.

    And I just found out about your video on Everyday Dish so I had to watch it, of course. You did such a great job! I felt like I learned some things I didn’t know before, too. :) Yay! And now I am thinking I need some cookies.


  16. OMG! You have created some cute little creatures, but this one takes the cake! Out of control adorableness!!!


  17. BTW, I think I speak for many of your viewers when I say, you are a NATURAL behind the camera.


  18. Your bunny is so adorable. I have two mice and a cat helping me at my desk at work. When I was away during the office luau, my co-workers made sure they got tropical umbrellas and joined the party!


  19. Hi!!

    I loved the video, I hope there are going to be some more soon :) It is a good job.

    Congratulations to your assistant, she is the most cute ever!!!


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