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Making Whoopie


Here it is, the fruits of my “labor” from that trip to Portland- A demo of my Whoopie Pies, which you can now watch on the Everyday Dish! This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, so please be gentle. The above screen cap is as far as I could bear watching, so tell me, is it okay? I’m too scared to look!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

63 thoughts on “Making Whoopie

  1. AHHH!! I love it!! You rocked the video, Hannah :0)

  2. I love it, you make it look so easy =)
    I think I will make these for my little brothers soon!

  3. That was fabulous! I’ve got to try those soon.

  4. You are toooooo cool! I’m totally psyched (do people still use that term? ;-) to try the whoopie pies now (and my 20 mo. old DS is currently delighting in saying “whoopie” now which is a major bonus).

  5. For some reason, I couldn’t get the video to show a visual! But you sounded great. . . really natural, and included lots of useful baking tips. I’m so disappointed I couldn’t see it, though! (MUST update my computer. .. ).

  6. Great job! I Loved the video, you should get a show on the food network! :)

    It would be awesome if you could tell the amounts of the ingredients you were combining versus looking for the recipe in a separate location but you were fabulous :D

  7. I thought you did a really great job! Those cookies look amazing I’ll definitely have to make them! Which brand of shortening did you use? The only thing I find around here is Crisco which has trans fat.

  8. I love it! You were wonderful! I’ll be making some of those for sure when I get some free time!

  9. Oh dear, I must update my Quicktime, I can’t see you in action. But you sounded great.

  10. Great job, enjoyed watching :)

  11. Hannah,
    That was fantastic! I really love the way you present and I think you should do more of these!
    You looked sweet and natural and I think that is what made this recipe look so easy.
    Hope to see you in more videos

  12. Oh I would have been so scared. You did great!

  13. You were very cute and professional, I could never do something like that, way to scary to do that in front of the camera.
    Was that one of your small felt cake slices I saw sitting on the mini cake stand to your right?

  14. Oh my god, I’m so impressed! It’s always funny to see someone in person (well, sort of) after you’ve only known them through writing. Those looked great, but more amazing to me (I already knew about your mad cooking skillz) was how neat your baking and gorgeous your kitchen were!

    Also, is that tattoo the new one, or is that old news?

  15. Hannah, you did wonderful!! I loved to see you cook up your woopie pies. I’ve never hav one before because I’m southern … I guess. I’ve never seen them. I’ve grown up around “moon pies”. I can’t wait to try them out myself! Seeing how easy it was I am itching to make them! ^3^
    I just made the Lemon-Lime Sunshine Bundt for my mom’s birthday! I was so nervous making it. I’ve never made a cake without some help, but it was sooo easy! Thanks! My small family is sharing with some of our vegan friends who are going to love it!
    I think you’re a natural cook!! You should be on Food Network! They have “Butter Lady”, but what they need is a vegan cook to show people how easy it really is!!

  16. You are so beautiful, my friend! I’ll be watching the video!

  17. You’re too cute! I just watched with the Guppy who is used to using video calls with Skype, so she kept trying to say “hi” to you and I explained it was a video, so she said “maybe I’ll try French!” and started telling you the cookies looked yummy in French! It was a great video, and I loved to see the little hints of your tats as well!
    Great job!

  18. You did a great job! And you chose a great recipe- I love the whoopie pies from your book

  19. Hannah, you totally rocked the video. I loved the recipe and you did great! I’m going to try these out this weekend. I have a child’s birthday party to attend. What could be better than a ton of kids and a bunch of whoopie pies? You looked very natural as well.

  20. Oh, and I absolutely love your wings.

  21. It was awesome Hannah! I loved every minute of it :-) Excited for the next one as well!

  22. Ah, that was beautiful! You were so professional! But I loved the very end the best where you smiled and noticed the little extra blob of icing on the counter. Too cute!

  23. Awesome video, you did fantastic!

    Ricki, I had a problem with the video at first too. It turns out I didn’t have the latest version of quicktime.

  24. You did a wonderful job! I enjoyed every minute.

  25. Hey Hannah!

    You did a fantastic job on the video! I know you’ve heard from lots of other blog readers, but you can never hear praise often enough, I always say!

    Looking forward to seeing you more often!

  26. Hannah, you were great in that video!!! And I loved the recipe too:)

  27. I can’t open the video from my work pc, but from the screen shot, you look too cute!

  28. So cool! I love the video. :)

  29. hannnah!!!

    wuauuuu!!! you are so cool!! very professional your directions :) I really love it!!

    you have the potential to make your own tv program with your delicious recipes!!! your are so great hannah :)

    love from Chile :D

  30. Don’t be scared – go watch it. :) You did great, and the whoopie pies look delicious!

  31. You did awesome! Most people don’t realize how hard it is to give directions in front of a camera like that. And your whoopie pies look completely flawless, as well. Bravo!

    P.S. love your tattoo!!

  32. sisisis tu tatuaje!!
    pero no se veía mucho :P

    but it doesn’t see so well :P

  33. Great video, and great baking tips!

  34. Hannah, you were really awesome in the video! Thank you so much for coming to Portland and being a part of Everyday Dish.

    I know everyone is going to love your next video as much as they love this one.

    You rock Hannah!

    XO Julie

  35. Hannah sweetie you did marvelous!! You were very poised and articulate for this being your first cooking segment. You’re a natural darling.

  36. You did great!! I’ve printed the recipe from the site, but is it possible to use rice milk instead of soy or is soy best?

  37. Hannah, you did GREAT!! congratulations! I’m looking forward to future videos : )

  38. Woo, you did it! I was a nervous wreck myself & scared to watch the footage. No worries, you did a great job!

  39. No reason to be scared at all (though I would be nervous as well), you did fabulous! I love those Everyday Dish videos, so I was excited to see one with you in it, too! I’ve never had or made a whoopie pie, they look so beautiful… I’ll have to try your recipe.

  40. You did great, and it’s good to finally hear your voice and see you “live”, as it were.

  41. yay, hannah! it looked great. too bad we don’t get to eat any when we watch online! : )

  42. Great video. You are so sweet. My daughter loves you. We are vegetarians trying to go vegan, one day at a time. She is almost 15 and really admires all you have done. I watched the video on YouTube. You were very calm. Good job.
    I will definitely be buying your book.

  43. You are soooo cute!! Great job with the video. You are a natural at it. I just recently bought your book and have showed it to three co-workers who have since bought it.

    You rock girl!!!!

  44. Great Job!! Love the whoopi pies. I’ll have to try them for my hubby (who, though not vegan is allergic to dairy).

    Loved seeing you smile at the end. Want to see you smile more!

    Thank you for being you…

  45. I loved it!

  46. You rock! Awesome job. I agree with pia. You looked terrific smiling at the end. :-)

  47. Hi Hanna! Im Allie from Mexico, and I need some advice about a recipe in your book. It is the Strawberry Spirals on page 72. Im planning to make those cookies for a bake sale tomorrow, but there’s no way I can get dried fruits anywhere near. Do you think fresh fruit would work?
    This is the first time that I do a recipe from the book and I want it to be awesome.

  48. Hey Hannah!!! Just want you to know that the video is SUPER AWESOME!!! You’re so talented!! The whoopie pies looks DELICIOUS! Soooo … GO ON, don’t be afraid – WATCH IT, you should be proud of yourself :0)

    p.s.: awesome tattoo <33 what did your parents say about it?!

  49. What a great video! I had a lot of fun watching it. Now you’re a professional tv cook!

  50. Well done! I loved the video, it was great! And you seem like such a sweet girl!!

  51. well, that was a very brave attempt by some one so camera shy . i know you must be feeling very nervous at the show but you really fitted the bill to a T. you were really like a professional who oozed a charm of her own. i have been reading your blog for quite a short while now and really admire your handiwork , you are such a sweet and talanted girl and you really make cooking seem so easy.
    one more thing i just want to know is do you really even taste the fabulous food you cook ? if so just tell me how you manage to be so slim. don’t mind just kiddinng

  52. Well done, Hannah! You looked and sounded great. I was nervous too when we shot the video of me making marshmallows to go on our website, and I definitely didn’t want to watch it… but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised! Hope you’ve watched your own video now and see how wonderfully you did.
    Best wishes

  53. That was a great video Hannah. You did a really nice job, especially explaining why you use certain techniques and ingredients, and especially given that you were not in your own kitchen (I always feel discombobulated when I have to work in an unfamiliar kitchen). Thanks for sharing – the pies looked yummy! I’m looking forward to your next video.

  54. Thank you for your instructional video! I am a failure at baking, so I really love seeing pros in action, love the wonderful tips too. You look nice! :)

  55. OHHH you´re soooo cute! I love it, as always a fantastic job! And the tattoo OMG it looks great! Cant wait for the pictures!


  56. Great job, Hannah ! I love Everyday Dish. It’s so nice to see one of your recipes there now. I got your book as a birthday present recently and I can’t wait to start making some of the stuff in it. It’s hard right now with my braces, so I just drool over the pages occasionally. ;-)

    Congratulations and best wishes !

  57. You did a great job on Everyday Dish, Hannah! Your Whoopie Pies look delicious :D

  58. You… are… adorable! I didn’t care at all what you were making – I just couldn’t get over how effing’ *cute* you are. Cute, cute, cute.

    Will you marry me?? Pwease?!?!

  59. I’m adding to the deluge of comments – congratulations, and also nice tattoo! I love how you *didn’t* have a plastic grin on the entire time. :D

  60. good stuff…. :)

  61. Awesome video! Just found your blog and it’s awesome! I’ve gotta go get your book! I saw it the other day at Barnes and Noble!

  62. I just made these whoopie pies for a bake sale at work (I didn’t label them as vegan lest someone FREAK OUT because something DOESN’T HAVE EGGS OR MILK…jeez) and they were AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for such a helpful video as well–I used a cookie scoop and that was a great idea to get all the cookies the same size. I also used an oven thermometer to make sure I was going to get evenly-baked cookies–also a good idea.

    Your recipe was spot-on. Thanks for such a great contribution. I’ll be making these again for sure!

  63. You are truly amazing,Hannah!AMAZING!

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