Hidden Treasures

Growing up in a household where nothing gets thrown out, you become accustomed to a good deal of clutter, and the frequent searches for items that become lost in the disarray. Most of the mess is hidden away in closets and beneath beds, but the clutter often creeps out from its hiding place and makes organization impossible. It’s certainly nice to have just about every craft supply I could ever ask for right at my finger tips, from piles of yarn right down to old glass jars and odd buttons, but the abundance tends to obscure that one thing I’m looking for. Want a certain book? Well, I can find plenty of old magazines and news papers, but it would seem as though this book had never even been put to print. Even things that are right out in the open can get sucked into the scenery, and a cell phone placed in the wrong spot will seemingly vanish.

The bright side is that more often than not, rediscovered treasures are found on a nearly daily basis. Poking through the bookshelves in our seldom-used family room yielded just such a surprise the other day, but it wasn’t just some odd trinket this time.

Standing no taller than an inch in height, this creature wasn’t just tiny, he was practically microscopic! Nestled in amongst books that were 10 times his size, this mini elephant was having one heck of a time trying to crack one open. I could tell he was book lover at heart, and would have poured over every last text in the house had he been able to reach them. It’s a good thing I happened to spot him and help out, otherwise it could have been ages before he got to even one book!

With all of the old volumes we have stored there, I’m certain that he’ll be able to find whatever it is that he’s searching for. However, with so many books to get through, I’ll know where to find him for quite a while to come!

[On an unrelated note, I’ve been having difficulty accessing my email, so I’m sorry I haven’t yet responded to your emails.  Hopefully the problem should be cleared up soon!]

24 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Ok…I don’t have a blog and have just stumbled across yours a few times…but I just had to tell you that I love it when you blog about little animals that come across your path. Seriously, you are a great writer and should write some children’s books or something. It is just so darned adorable and you make it all so fascinating. :)

  2. what a tiny cutie! It’s adorable!! I grew up like you in a family where nothing had to be waisted or throw away without a good reason, so I can understand you and in fact I still have my first toy which was a little bear quite like your little elephant..I’m getting older dear : – ).

  3. Oh goodness, my mom keeps EVERYTHING – there’s boxes in our basement that are FILLED with drawings and such that I did in preschool! Haha. There’s clutter, but with clutter comes memories :0)

    That little elephant is precious!! What a lovely treasure to stumble upon :0)

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… You come up with the absolute cutest stories for your creations!

    My mom is also guilty of saving EVERYTHING. I have to admit, part of me enjoys it because I have so many old school assignments, paintings, letters, pictures, etc. to look at, but it also gets to be a little much when it’s coupons, old TV Guides, and extra napkins from take-out 3 years ago… I just recently came across my old diaries from elementary school, and THOSE are the best! There’s one entry where I confess my love for New Kids on the Block, and I am totally serious in it… It’s too funny! I bet Mini Elephant would enjoy reading those, too. :) Send him my way if he ever gets through your collections of books.

  5. i wish that lil’ purple elephant would appear on my bookcase! it’s funny, because i had this crazy obsession with purple elephants in college, and i would draw them on everything…you truly have an amazing talent!

  6. This little elephant is the absolute cutest! In fact, he makes me want to learn to crochet just so I can make one! ^_^ I must admit, I’m curious as to what you do with all the things you make?

  7. Once Joao and I start packing to move to the new apartment, lots of things will be thrown out. I don’t want my new home to be full of things we never use!

    The elephant is adorable, Hannah.

  8. That is adorable.
    Let me just say that I check this blog daily and I’m on my fifth “Foreign Exchange Student” right now. :) And although I don’t crochet, really, my Mom loves elephants so much and this is so lovely that I might just refresh my knowledge of it so I can make the li’l cutie.

  9. love your website – Sue-Leigh is my daughter and showed it to me. when i saw your elephant all i could think of was Teeny the elephant. i included the link for your viewing pleasure!

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