Honey, I Shrunk the Muffins

Peeling a ripe banana early one morning, it quickly became apparent that there just wouldn’t be enough to top even my modest bowl of cereal. It’s not that it had been half-rotten or already nibbled on, but it was just so small to begin with.

No, this just wouldn’t do. So what does one do with a tiny banana…?

Make tiny banana nut muffins, of course! Now, that’s a satisfying way to use up an otherwise too-tiny fruit!

28 thoughts on “Honey, I Shrunk the Muffins

  1. AhhAhh..I adore that little banana! it’s simply stunning!
    At the beginning I thought it was real but with something strange…mumble…than i realised :-) great..and yummy those muffins!!

  2. Naw, how cute the banana was, and the banana nut muffin!
    I cant believe you did those tiny muffins! Did they taste good?

  3. Is that an illusion? Seriously, howd’ya get them so small? It’s a trick of the camera right… I’ve never seen paper cups for muffins that small, c’mon now, fess up! :)

  4. I love mini-muffins. Somehow, when you eat 5 (which is probably more than eating a regular-size muffin) it seems like you are hardly eating at all:)

  5. So cute your banana!!! I love it.

    I’m new on amigurumi and on blogs as well and I find yours so lovely that I have to visit once a week at least!

    Great job ^_^

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