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91 comments in just under 12 hours. Wow. That’s definitely a record for this wee little blog; you guys must really want bunnies!

I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble by drawing this out any longer, so here are the 12 names selected at random to get one of these critters in the mail….

Ugliducklyn (Comment #55)
Liz (Comment #26)
Josefin (Comment #48)
Sarah (Comment #71)
Samm (Comment #25)
Vegan Addict
Stephanie Anne (Comment #29)
Brenda W. (Comment #20)
Gretchen Noelle
Jenna (Comment #11)

Do you see your name up here? If so, shoot me an email with your address, and let me know if you’d like me to make your bunny into a magnet, ornament, or leave it as is. Also, you could list a couple of color preferences, and while I can’t make any promises on that front, I will do my best to get you the bunny you want.

In case your name wasn’t chosen this time around, don’t worry! Another contest or random lottery drawing is always just around the corner.

I’d also like to just take the time to thank Joanna for rating my blog as “E for excellent,” but I’m afraid I have far too many favorites to pick 10 myself. The blogs listed in my blogroll aren’t even a fraction of what I check- I think there are at least 350 – 400 blogs on my reader now!

A while back, Chelsea also tagged me to tell 5 things about myself. I really do hate talking about myself, but I promised that I would do this one and have been slacking, so let’s do this real quick…

1. I sleep with a giant stuffed strawberry. Most normal kids would have a teddy bear or something, but no, I have a plush strawberry that’s about as big as medium-sized cat.

2. I’m absolutely, completely terrified of doctors. I don’t have a problem with needles or medical procedures per say, but if I see those creepy guys in their white coats, I’m running the other way.

3. My favorite [commercial] frozen dessert ever is Whole Soy’s Creme Caramel. Holy crap, it’s tough not to eat the whole container in one sitting.

4. I probably sprained my ankle a couple days ago because it’s rather swollen and painful to walk on. Boo!

5. Finally, I’m planning on doing a little one-week vacation in Portland over the summer, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

33 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. Congrats to the bunny winners! LOL@the giant strawberry – that’s kind of cute though. And you are not alone in being terrified of doctors. I’m right there with you! But it is important to visit them every so often whether you think you need them or not. :)

  2. Portland is great! I’ve been there twice and hope to live there someday. It’s a vegan dream- so many great restaurants. You can even get vegan donuts at Stumptown Coffee. Check out the Stumptown Vegans blog for good restaurant reviews.

    Definitely check out the Japanese and Chinese gardens. You can get tea at the Chinese garden and sit by a pond and look at the pretty koi swimming around.

    Have fun!

  3. I live in Portland :) Do you have any idea where you’ll be staying?

    Two things… of the many things you should check out are Saturday Market and the vegan mall. Oh, and Powell’s books… S’pose that’s three things.

  4. Those bunnies are adorable! It’s so sweet of you to give them away, too.
    I enjoyed reading those five facts, as well, even though you’re not fond of talking about yourself – I’m sorry about your ankle, though. I hope it’ll get better soon! Without the help of a doctor, preferably…

  5. So sorry to hear about your ankle! It must be the shoes : )

    Yes, if you happen to have some weekend time, Saturday Market is a must. Of course, for vegan cuisine, there are many excellent options. I thought the Blossoming Lotus was impressive. I know you are going to fall in love with the place.

  6. My goodness! My name is there! I’m so surprised! I can’t get the link to open to email you, though. :O/ Now what!? I think a giant strawberry sounds very cuddly, actually. No arms and legs to get underneath you the way bears etc. sometimes can. :O) I’m thrilled to know I will be welcoming one of the small bunns to my home! Thank you so much for sharing them. I’m assuming my email appears at your end, so maybe you can drop me a note so I can reply to it? Thanks again,

  7. Hi! Please disregard the request to email me. You should have found one from me with my address. I figured it out. :O) Thanks, Hannah!

  8. Oh well, I can see why you got so many responses in record time on those. They are so darling! Congrats to the winners!

    Loved the photo op that their reps stood still for. Very very cute.

  9. You know, that Whole Soy frozen yogurt is by far my favorite as well. I like Vanilla Bean, Creme Caramel, and especially Chocolate Hazelnut. It seems a bit underrated to me… and hard to find, unfortunately. I’m glad to see someone else hype it up a bit!

    Sorry about the ankle!

  10. Owie! I hope your ankle feels better.

    I’ve never seen Whole Soy’s frozen desserts at the store before, only the yogurts. I’m really into Tofutti right now – especially after I had some of Purely Decadent’s Cookie Avalanche the other day and it was icky icky icky!

    Poo that I missed the contest! Your creations are so cute and adorable and if I had a cute little bunny I’d sleep with it like you sleep with your strawberry. :)

  11. Ah!, sorry to hear about your ankle, that’s no fun!! You are gonna love portland, so many vegan-friendly places!! Definitely get yourself a vegan donut from voodoo. And go see the test rose gardens… so beautiful.

  12. those bunnies are just too cute… i may have to make myself one (or ten!). it’s fun to hear little random facts about you, too.

    doctors aren’t so bad, really… not always so great, but not creepy! i’ve been to more than my fair share recently and i’m still alive to talk about it. : )

  13. you should try soy delicious purely decadent’s turtle trails… it’s really yummy creamy vanilla and lots of swirls of incredible caramel with chocolate covered something’s… some kind of nut… and i usually hate nuts in my ice cream or such… but best stuff ever! i find it really hard to put the container back in the freezer with something in it… it’s def my new favorite ever in the whole wide world! i don’t mind doctor’s if they’re not in the hospital… i freak out way more anybody in a hospital… but if they’re outside the hospital or office or whatever i don’t mind… unless they’re dentists… then ehhhh!

  14. Those bunnies are so cute! I hope your ankle feels better soon. I had this kick of spraining mine every few months or so; it’s definitely a bummer to be in pain and swollen up. Send good vibes your way!

  15. oh no, I should’ve looked earlier, those bunnies are the cutest! I know what you mean about doctors, they’ve got to revamp their style – maybe a nice sweater vest?

  16. congrats to all the VERY deserving winners!
    LOVE the giant strawberry; too cute!
    Aww sorry about your ankle!
    I sprain mine about once a year; LOTS of ice and compression with a tensor bandage will help.
    (Plus keep it elevated when you are sitting ; really helps!)

  17. I’m supposed to be in Portland on July 26th for a wedding and I’m hoping to escape Cali for a week or so to see the town, the law school, Emily & hubby, Food Fight and whatever else I can. Let me know when you’re going, b/c it would be cool to meet you too!!

  18. you should check out the latest herbivore magazine. its subject is ‘travel’ and it has a huge article on portland that made me droooool like crazy.

  19. OK, those are crazy adorable. :-)

    As for Portland, we just visited the Sweetpea baking co., part of a “vegan mini mart” in the SE section of town, and they had some very nice vegan treats. So did the NW Whole Foods. I love walking about the Pearl District too, lots of cute but expensive little stores. SE Hawthorne st. is very cool too. I love this one art / design store called OFFICE. Have so much fun!

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