Soy is the New Slim Jim

I swear, some of these new meat-analogs that are being developed are so similar to the original, it could fool even die-hard carnivores. Case in point…

While I’m not a fan of “fake meat,” these do come very close to the real thing, and could satisfy a craving in a pinch.  Just make sure you get enough to share around, because with much better nutrition than the original and without the animal flesh, this is a snack that everyone can appreciate, vegan or not!

38 thoughts on “Soy is the New Slim Jim

  1. I think you should do a post just on your dog, to clear up any misconceptions like sex, age, name, etc. I thought I remember you referring to her as a female so I just thought you may want to tell people more about her – they definitely seem interested and she is beautiful. ;)

  2. That is so very cute. I don’t like Slim Jim’s in meat form so I am guessing I wouldn’t like them in non-meat form either. :) But I’ll take the puppy.

  3. I hope you have more than one Soy Jim around, because you’re never getting that one back from the puppy. :) What a cutie!

  4. What a darling doggie. Nah, He’s not giving that back. lol

    I can’t eat much soy product so I save it for hummus and soy dream but you are sure right about there being more and better products all the time.

  5. Isis looks like she needs a hand opening that. I’d bet she’d reward you by flinging it around the room for a while before eating it.

    It’s good to see her happy and healthy, and I hope you’re the same. Please give her a scratch behind the ears for me. (And you, too, if you enjoy that sort of thing. ;)

  6. too cute! we want a dog so much, but just aren’t in the right place/time/etc to take care of one properly……..I agree about the fake “meat”….

  7. I am more of a jerky fan. Soy jerky, I crave it about once or twice a year, in the summer actually, odd huh??

    Cute pup!!


  8. Ha! That’s too cute! Actually, I happened to read the ingredients for “Beggin Strips” and they are practically vegan except for the very last ingredient (which was some yucky pork product or something). They were mostly made out of wheat gluten! So, I guess the commercial is right, “Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon.” Well, maybe they do know, but they don’t mind because wheat gluten can make some yummy stuff!

  9. Is that a Besenji? What an absolutely precious face. It brought a smile to my face on a very stressful monday -thanks!!!

  10. Hi Hannah,
    I just made your peanut butter granola bars–can we say “yummy”! I didn’t know what agave was, so I googled it, and found it’s a sweetner and a substitute for corn syrup. Well, I had corn syrup and I had an unopened bag of meusli. Plus some granola, cuz I made a double batch, so the meusli wasn’t enough. I also stirred into the mix a cup of Trader Joes semi-sweet chocolate chips. Oh, and my meusli had a ton of dried fruits and nuts. My daughter and husband are both completely lactose intolerant. They’re going to LOVE these bars. Can hardly wait until they get home, so they can try them. Yummy with a glass of milk, and with a cup of tea. I’ve tried both! Thanks so much!
    Your dog is darling! I love Basenjis. Does she “chortle” to you?

  11. Very cute photo! And I agree – AmyArgh sent me some of these in the PPK swap and they are great!

  12. so cute! p.s. i just fed a friend the very last of the my sweet vegan brownies i had and got one more rave review for you. everyone loved them so much! best brownies i have ever had, so thanks! :D

  13. Very cute pic! I, however, tried these awhile ago and HATED them. I loved slim jim’s back when I was omni and I love the soy Primal strips, but these just didn’t do it for me.

  14. I love basenjis!! I have a ‘mixed’ one myself (well, we think he is part basenji but he barks and yodels.). How precious that pic is!!

  15. aw, I didn’t realize you had a basenji! I grew up with the little devils (and now get to bug my mom by saying I have a “real dog” now, lol). They are really awesome dogs and that picture is super cute.

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