Patience is a Virtue…

And all of you lovely people that left me such thoughtful, heart-warming comments certainly have it. I can’t thank you guys enough for waiting by while I got my shittake together, and I don’t think I would have been able to get through it intact without you. Having a good friend that you can turn to in times of turmoil is invaluable, and so I would hardly feel right about turning away others in need.

Such was the case when a tiny purple bunny appeared in my herb garden one day.

Cowering next to a large pot of basil, the poor dear was clearly scared out of her mind. Alone and lost – How she got there, I couldn’t tell you – She definitely was in need of a kind soul to help her out of this confusion. Offering up my cozy patch of greenery as a temporary residence, I promised that we would get her back to where she belonged in no time at all. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

It was only a matter of time before a friend of hers showed up, and I was overjoyed to know that neither of these tiny creatures wouldn’t be alone. Contented that they could keep each other company, I went about my regular chores, completely care-free. As the hours slipped away and out of my grasp faster than I could even turn them over in my hands, I didn’t get to check in on them for nearly half the day. When I came back to offer them a snack, I stopped short and wondered if perhaps my vision was faulty; I was seeing even more than double!

Um, okay, not a big deal, I’ll just pull out a couple extra chairs at the table. But then, I swear I just blinked and-

Bunny overload!

Now, I’m not about to toss these sweet little ones out on the street, but I can’t possibly take care of all twelve on my own. Knowing that you guys are all such great friends, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in taking one into your own home instead? Just leave me a comment before midnight tonight (Eastern Time) and I’ll pick out a dozen names at random. Consider it a small ‘thank you’ for being so patient!

107 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue…

  1. I’d be glad to care for a little bunny…I’m sure my two little ones will cuddle him/her, love her and tote him/her all around our school room.

    and if they’re more comfy in greenery…we got that too!

    i truly hope all is getting back to normal in your life…sometimes all we need is a little time, good eats and a few good friends!

  2. Those are adorable. I have the same problem with birds at my place. Currently 11 crocheted birds are taking refuge atop my TV.

  3. my april is looking especially dreary, i think one of those bunnies would certainly cheer up my desk. they are just precious!

  4. Hannah, you KNOW that I would be more than happy to house one of your lovely little creatures – they’d love the little cakes from you, that I have!! :0)

  5. My herb garden is growing and in need of cute little felt creatures to brighten the mood. I have the perfect home for little bunny Fufu.

  6. I can’t think of a better opportunity to de-lurk!
    The bunnies are so sweet, and if they are in need of a home with more greenery, you can count me in!

  7. Oh, those bunnies are precious- I’d love a little one! I especially dig the expressions on their faces. Kind of shocked that they’ve been discovered =)

  8. Haha, because of the planter behind him, it looks like the blue one in the last picture is wearing a hat! Too, too precious. <3

  9. Your photos made me laugh! You’d better keep all the bunnies separated, so they don’t start to reproduce. It wouldn’t take long for you to be completely overrun.

  10. So cute! And can I ask in amazement if those are your baby herb plants you posted photos of awhile back? They’re all grown up now!

    Glad you hear you’re starting to feel better!

  11. To have a piece of your creativity to provide a home for would be a DELIGHT!! So glad you’re feeling better. Sometimes when things are the worst, we think they will ALWAYS be like that. Glad you’re feeling better. Know that your down times are not anywhere all of us haven’t also been, at some time or ‘nother.

  12. Bunnies begetting more bunnies….who knew!?!?

    Best wishes that things get where you want them to be. Things manage to sort out in the weirdest ways (including multi-colored bunnies).

    If a bunny decided to hop down to NC, I would feel mighty privileged.

  13. Aww, sweet bunny love always makes everyone feel better. ;-)

    Glad to hear your spirits are lifting. <3


  14. I’m glad to hear that your life turns to the sweet side again and you hopefully feel a bit better!

    Your bunnies ar so cute…I have a herb-garden, too, and maybe one of your bunnys like to have a new home in Germany <3

  15. I did miss you while you were busy and stressed, but you and your blog are on my every day list of reading. I am patient, definitely, and am so glad that you are back. The little buns are darling! I do hope one would like to come live in Canada with me! Keeping all digits crossed….. samm

  16. I check your blog faithfully every day, and am glad to see you are feeling better and back in action! The last pic is great — so much bunny cuteness! :)

  17. Turmoil is never easy. Just be sure to keep a cuddly bunny or other friend close by to help keep your spirits aloft during this trying time. *hugs*

  18. Hi Hannah! I’m glad you’re feeling more “up”! Those bunnies are adorable, and I love red…just sayin’.
    I check your blog every day and enjoy your recipes and crochet creations, etc. You do a good job!

  19. I would love another bunny in my life! I am sure that one of those would be a welcome friend to the fuzzy white bunny that currently resides in my house.
    I hope all is well, I love reading your blog and making your recipes, they are always top notch!

  20. I would love to take one of those little bunnies home with me. They are precious.

  21. Oh I’d love a little bunny! He or she can help me pick out which recipe I’m going to make first out of my new copy of MSV. ;-)

  22. First of all, glad you’re “back”. I always love your witty, creative posts. But I don’t fault you for feeling down because we all go through it and I’m just glad that you didn’t do it entirely on your own… even in this, you’re a good example. Second, is that the herb garden you planted a while back? I’m amazed at how well you do EVERYTHING! I don’t have much of a green thumb but I try, and admire those who do. Third, the bunnies are adorable and half-way through your story, I realized I was grinning. That’s a gift you have there, to make people feel happy by the words and pictures you share. So thank you for making my day a better one!

  23. I love all the little creatures you make and they inspire me to make my own. I would love the opportunity to throw my name in the hat. Glad to hear things are going better.

  24. i knew something warm and fuzzy would cross your path soon! these are adorable! glad you felt like sharing today….

  25. I would be glad to take care of a little bunny. I promise to take good care of him/her! :D

    Glad you are back writing and feeling better again! :D

  26. As always, your storyline is so charming with those wonderfully vivid pictures… and now the chance to win one of these adorable creatures to boot?! Oh how you spoil us readers ;p

  27. Holy cow – you got a lot of comments on this one! LOL. All I can say is, you know those bunnies – they love to multiply! They are adorable and I wish everyone luck who has commented.

  28. I’m glad your back and I love your bunnies! Those pictures are absolutely delightful!

  29. I love bunnies! I have a bunny suit actually. teehee And I got a laptop and didn’t transfer my links, and plus with school and work I’ve been SO busy, so I’m out of touch with what’s up in the blogging world. Anyway, I hope the sweetness comes back to you soon. You deserve it. *hugs*

  30. I would be happy to foster an orphan rabbit… in fact, I know a few little girls who will help to babysit when I’m not home.
    We live in a beautiful, smoke-free home where our pets and ourselves live on yummy organic, vegan and wheat-free food…. with lots and lots of cupcakes!
    I am glad you’re feeling better!

  31. I would love a cute little bun bun!
    There are zillion(real ones) where I work and they are increasing daily , so what is one more?
    (especially so cute!)

  32. Ooooh! Please! I would love a bunny!

    P.S. I LOVE your blog. You are amazingly talented! :)

  33. your post totally cracked me up… i certainly didn’t see the DOZEN bunnies coming! they’re adorable and i’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better! *hugs* : )

  34. Hannah, I am glad you found a “rainbow” in the midst of your rainstorm. Remember, there’s always a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow!

    And I would *love* one of your bunnies. They are très adorable!

  35. Those bunnies are so cute and colourful! I have a 5-year old with a bunny addiction who would love to take care of one!

  36. So cute! I would love to adopt a little bunny…I have some tomato, pepper and eggplant plants that it could play in…

  37. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and just have to keep coming back……….like the bunnies!!! I hope you will give us directions on how to make them? I know everyone would love to have one, but for those of us who don’t get one, we would love to make one, or two or…………..?????

  38. My 9 year would love to adopt one of your bunnies. She has tried to knit several felted bunnies but has not succeeded as yet.

  39. Those are adorable. I love your blog, and I love your cookbook (I saw it, and just had to have it immeadiately, this meant ordering it from Amazon since it’s not available in Canada yet!). Glad to hear life isn’t so bitter anymore.

  40. Aw…
    They do multiply, don’ t they.
    No worries, plenty oif room to romp and play in my place. Anyhoo, I’m sure they’ll enjoy a little trip abroad too!


  41. I’ve been wanting a real bunny for a long time, but my SO won’t let me have one. Maybe one of these would be o.k. for him, they are too cute!

  42. I would love to adopt one of your little bunny friends! They’d never be lonely with me and they’d even get to go on a road trip!!

  43. I’m glad to hear things are looking up! :) You deserve it, Hannah! Also, I’d be happy to offer a loving home to one of your lil’ bunnies. Maybe s/he would even bring some SPRING to my neck of the woods!

  44. how adorable. i would welcome one of these delightful beings into my home.

    i’m glad things are lightening for you and i hope that continues.

  45. I love the little buns and would gladly give one a home. Hmmmmm……..if not the real bun, how about the pattern? Of course, then they might multiply over here too……….8-)

  46. Bun! I promise pictures of my kitty snuggled up with the bun should I be lucky enough to win :)

  47. yikes! i might be too late! i hope not! those are sooooo sweet. i know i have some little friends who would love their cozy company! awww! that made my night!

  48. I wished I didn’t miss the dead line a 12.00 but I just wanted to let you know I love your blog and keep up the great work. Many Blessings,


  49. Its well past midnight but i was delighted to see you had a new post when I checked this morning ( yes its already the middle of the day April 10th here in India).
    Great lot of bunnies. Looking forward to our posts. Take care.

  50. Awwwww, They are so so adorable! I know it’s after midnight but I really just wanted to say that, and great photography too….. btw, I’m really glad you got your shittake together, I hope you’re now as happy as all those happy little bunnies.

  51. Hi! It’s the first time I visit you blog and I nearly fainted when I saw all this stunning things you are able to do with your hand from knitting to cooking. You are amazing and have a real talent.
    If you don’t mind I’d love to follow your blog and put it in my preferences!!
    Great..absoloutely great!


  52. I missed the whole bunny thing – but no worries! I’m just glad you are back and seemingly feeling better. that’s the bestest prize E-V-E-R!


  53. boo, i missed this, which is what i get for doing work instead of checking blogs. so glad you’re back, though, and hope things are a bit more ok. you’re totally amazing, so don’t let anything/one make you feel otherwise! i made my sweet vegan brownies yesterday, btw, and they were incredible, so thanks for being such a genius at everything you do!

  54. Those bunnies are adorable, Bunnies are my favorite ^_^, I especially love all the different colors.

  55. Argh.. I missed the dateline. Anyway, these are bunnies are so cute, hanging around the pots of plants. They did a good job livening up the mini garden.

  56. Aww!!! These are really cute! I tried to make one, but yours are waaaayyyy cuter and better.

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