Farmland Frolic

Weekends are usually my best days to get down to work, since I have no classes to get in the way of more important things like baking and crafting, but for the first time in months, I decided to take Saturday off. I know, the shock and horror of it all! My parents drove up to spend the day with me, and we spent a good part of the afternoon strolling about a local farm and stuffing ourselves silly with the u-pick fruits they had to offer. Considering how much I value freshness and how quickly I tear through fruits and veggies, even I’m surprised by the fact that I haven’t actually done any sort of u-pick before, besides the annual Halloween pumpkin hunt of course. Arriving at the orchards a mere 15 or 20 minutes away from my campus, I expected to make a killing in apples, but what I found was even better- Raspberries, plump and sweet, still clinging fitfully to their vines. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a serious raspberry fiend, so when I was set loose on that patch of incredible red jewels, I probably ate as much as I dropped into my basket. It was also my very first taste of golden raspberries, and can I tell you? They were absolutely incredible.

Sporting a plethora of other fruits and vegetables besides those two targets, and even some adorable farm creatures to feed and pet, it was hard to leave such abundance behind. I think I just may need to take another day off real soon to visit again.

14 thoughts on “Farmland Frolic

  1. Ooo – I’m so happy that you got to do this! Raspberries are my absolute favorite of the berries and the golden ones do really make things pretty when you mix them up with, or use them in place of, the regular red variety! This place looks wonderful.

  2. I’m SO glad that you got a chance to take a break, spend time with your parents, and go to a local farm – and how fun that you found a great selection of raspberries! your favorite! :0)

  3. That sounds so nice :) it’s nice to take a break every once in a while. (the fruits in your photos look amazing, it makes me feel like I want to cram them all into my mouth…. yum….. fruit!)

  4. The two-toned (two-patterned?) squash look fantastic & fascinating.

    I love u-pick farms. Aside from the fresh-as-possible produce, it’s a really nice way to spend the day (particularly when you go with friends or family, and the weather is good, as it was in Mass. this weekend).

  5. Your blog is really great! I love your recipes and will definitely get a copy of your book as soon as I can get it here in Germany. Keep up the great work.

  6. Oh how fun! I have never seen golden raspberries before, did they taste any different? I hope you didn’t try to feed or pet that bird, that one looks to have a rather sharp beak : )

  7. How idyllic! I’m glad that you got to pick raspberries- it was such a mood lifter for me. It allowed me to reconcile with summer ending. And to enjoy cool autumn posts with this one- love the pumpkins and the chickens!

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