Variety is the Spice of Life

Scraping by with only the most basic supplies and severely limited time, baking and cooking has taken a backseat to school work I’m afraid. The ideas for new recipes don’t ever stop of course, each exciting combination of flavors suddenly occurring at random as per usual, and as a result, my little notebook only grows fatter with scrawled titles and partial instructions to attempt. Frustrating to no end, but the stars never seem to align in favor of trying these new concepts anymore. Of course, if I were to stop baking altogether I would probably explode… Or something equally violent. So it’s back to the tried-and-true file, and for the first time in months, I turned back to my favorite cookbook of all time: VCTOtW. Come on, tell me you didn’t see that one coming?

Whereas some people might see baking in general as a skill requiring patience, whipping up this batch of cupcakes felt like such incredible instant gratification because- Just think- No need to make notations, write down my adjustments, tweak, try it again, and then possible even again. Of course, since I just can’t keep my culinary muse quiet for long, I did make some changes to the classic Cookies and Creme recipe that never fails to please. I just so happen to have Ginger O’s on hand, and despite my desire to hoard them all to myself, I figured it would be best for everyone, my waistline included, to share. Ending up with just the perfect number of cookies to top the cupcakes, there were none left for the frosting, so in order to spice things up a bit, I decided to make a cinnamon frosting instead. Just add about a teaspoon of cinnamon to your favorite vanilla base, and voila, a whole new spicy sensation!

Amazing what an incredible difference those such tiny changes made- It was an entirely new cupcake altogether. Even for someone who’s not exactly a chocoholic like myself, I could have easily consumed half the batch without assistance, thanks to that delightful combination of spices. Admittedly, it was pretty nice to just bake for the sake of baking, and without attempting unthinkable stunts that may or may not work… But I hope that I’ll be able to make this arrangement work out better soon.

Perhaps I should start by getting more pans than just those muffin tins.

16 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice of Life

  1. Yay! Glad to see you got some baking in. It must be really difficult to do while at school. I bet you miss your kitchen! But I’m glad to see you are learning to survive and are being creative! Your passions will find a way! ;)

  2. with so much schoolwork, I look to my passions for cooking and baking as perfect opportunities to just unwind and be stress-free, after a long morning of classes. Your cupcakes look PHENOMENAL, as always (you are so incredible, Hannah, it’s insane, haha) – and I also love returning to my “go-to” recipes, that I know will turn out fabulous. It’s fun to test new recipes, but sometimes you just get a craving for an old-favorite :0)

  3. Those look soooo yummy!! I love baking too, and find it very relaxing and therapeutic. No matter how busy I am, baking relaxes me. And it doesn’t really take all that long!

  4. holy shit!a friend sent me a box of these last month and i made the same thing today but in a layer cake!i did it before with lemon ginger ones,but that’s soo weird!yrs look great though!

  5. holy shit. it’s been a while, i’ve tried calling you once or twice lol i still remember your address ’cause it’s almost the same as mine. never thought i’d find you here though! so many accomplishments :]

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