Weapons of Mass Cakery

If there’s one thing that can instill loyalty in old acquaintances, instantly make new friends, and strengthen relationships in general, it’s my personal opinion that the magic bullet just might be baked goods. Sure, there are many different vices that could have similarly potent effects, but I just can’t help but think how much better the world would be if we all tried baking before starting fights and turning to more lethal methods (Unless, of course, you’re not a very good baker and your cakes are more like bombs in the first place.) So in light of all the gloominess that has been forcing its way into my daily life, struggling to make sense of some horrible textbooks speaking of a gory, unpleasant past, I thought that I might do my part in ending the hate by whipping up plenty of cake. Of course, such a stunt wouldn’t be easy in our tiny oven in the dorm, and I have yet to cart in some actual cake pans, so I resorted to a much more forgiving but less edible material instead.

This is what I would like to call a sampler plate- A flavor for everyone, to be sure! With eight different slices in all, it’s hard to go wrong even for the pickiest palate to choose something delicious, such as…

Lemon Meringue,

Blueberry Mousse,

Vanilla with Coffee Buttercream,

Chocolate Banana,

Strawberry Mousse,

Carrot Cake,

Green Tea Layer Cake,

And a Berry Charlotte.

I guess it’s pretty obvious what’s been on my mind lately, huh? The kitchen calls, but still insufficient supplies and time prevent me from baking like the “good old days” a mere month or so ago. Nonetheless, these felt cakes were a ton of fun to create, even if they might not spread exactly the same sort of joy and warm feelings that real baked goods are famous for. But trust me, if these babies were real… I just might be considered a cake-terrorist, judging by that amount of fire power!