No Tricks, Just Treats

Were you to dress up in a funky costume and start harassing your neighbors in search of sweet treats right now, you would probably get a few nasty words and a door in the face instead. However, when the treats come to you via mail, it’s never too early to start celebrating Halloween! Such is my luck that I can do just that, thanks to Melisser who sent me some homemade vegan candy corn just the other day.

Seriously, vegan candy corn. Meaning, no honey, gelatin, or egg whites? Meaning, the impossible confection that has never previously existed, no matter how far and wide one would search? It’s a dream come true! I had been craving those sugary little mock-vegetables for ages and complained to just about anyone who would listen, and now you’re telling me that I don’t even need to follow the miraculous recipe that Melisser has so generously provided, seeing as she offered to send some instead? Well, how could I refuse! The hardest part was waiting patiently for the package to arrive, and I suppose I didn’t even do that well. Checking my mailbox for the second time yesterday, I jumped for joy to discover that little pink slip indicating a larger parcel was waiting for me to pick up at the desk. Envelope secured, it was the most I could do not to tear it open on the spot and just shove the entire contents in my mouth (No, this is no exaggeration- I kept pawing at the tape even as I power-walked back to my dorm!). Self-control sorely tested, I knew that I would at least need photographic evidence to prove that they really existed, since I could still hardly believe it.Snapping a few quick pictures in the fading daylight, a glance at the clock sent a shock wave through my body. Crap, I have class now! Hurriedly, I packed the corns back up and tossed them deep into the back of the fridge for safe keeping. Racing off regretfully without having even the tiniest taste, I knew I was in for one long, arduous class.

Finally, after watching all 60 minutes slowly, painstakingly tick away on the antique clock that loomed over our rickety table, I skipped back to the room with uncontrollable glee- Candy corn! Vegan candy corn! I still couldn’t believe my luck. Flinging open the refrigerator door and snatching up my prize, I was about to just dump the whole bag into my mouth when I noticed it felt a little light… Had some fallen out in my haste? Searching about frantically for some poor fallen candy corn, it was then that I noticed some sly thief trying to make a getaway out the window!

Caught red-handed, he still couldn’t contain his grin- Truly, there’s something about candy corn that just brings out a smile in everyone, and even such a thoughtless leech like him couldn’t resist their sweet siren song. I don’t blame him… Honestly, I would have probably done the same had I discovered vegan candy corn elsewhere! Feeling that this treasure truly was best suited to be shared, as it was so generously shared with me in the first place, I allowed him to keep that one corn, and together we both enjoyed this old childhood favorite. I know that these candies won’t ever make it to see Halloween, let alone next week, but they really made the holiday perfect for me already. Thank you so much Melisser, we both simply loved them!

16 thoughts on “No Tricks, Just Treats

  1. This is so great ! Thanks for posting the recipe ! Thrilled to try this and it would make such a great party theme – hugs

  2. oh my goodness everyone has been making that incredible vegan candy corn recipe from Melisser – aahh so brilliant!!! your batch of candy corn came out perfect (no surprise there, haha); and I LOVE the little bear!! hehe, he’s sneaky ;0)

  3. lol, very cute story AND I love the bear. I’ve never heard of vegan candy corn, but you sound thrilled about it so it must be great :D

  4. Wow. Vegan candy corn? It’s nice that you are finding all these creative people who take the time to come up with these recipes. But see that is how I think of you too, especially with the vegan marshmallow recipe you posted!

    And another adorable little animal. You do get the cutest little thieves and uninvited guests wherever you are! Never a dull moment. ;)

  5. That has got to be one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen. Who ever would have thought of homemade candy corn? (Those that are vegan, duh!) Too cool – thanks for sharing.

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