Easy As Miniature Pie

Thanks to the wonderful response generated by my little tea party post, I thought I might show my appreciation by sharing how to make the centerpiece of that tiny gathering: The pie. I’m sure that just about anyone could figure it out on their own just by looking at the pictures, but for those reluctant to venture into any craft without a crystal clear idea of the procedure, this one’s for you.

To start out with, all you need is a scrap of beige felt, a bottle cap, a bunch of beads, and some glue. For the beads, no need to get fancy with glass or ceramic- Just think bright and colorful! Cheap plastic is perfect for such an application, and so are plenty of different sizes like I have shown in this one. Let’s pretend I was going for a “mixed berry” look, instead of just running out of one uniform size. When it comes to the glue, I might suggest a combination of both standard white glue and crazy glue for different steps, but either one is a-okay to use for the whole thing- You just need to be either very patient, or work very quickly!

First, cut your beige felt into a circle that measures between 1 1/4 inches – 1 3/8 inches in diameter. Check how it fits inside your bottle cap to determine what works best. You don’t want it to hang over the edge, but it’s fine if it comes up a little bit short. Once it’s cut to the right size, use your white glue to coat one side of the fabric, and press it firmly into the bottom of the cap. Make sure that it’s centered and even, and use your fingernails to fill the edges as well. Let that dry for about 15 minutes maybe (I didn’t really time it) and then liberally brush the bottom of the “crust” with your crazy glue. Quickly fit the larger beads into the bottom in one layer, and fill in any gaps with the smaller ones. Once those have adhered, go ahead and brush the tops of those beads with more crazy glue, and arrange your remaining beads on those so that it mounds up higher in the center, or however it looks pleasing to you.

Simple, right? And even if you aren’t into miniatures, this adorable pie would make a sweet little magnet, button, or brooch!

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  1. This looks like a great craft to do with some young girls to make Barbie sized pies! As long as the girls are old enough to not put those little beads in their mouths, I mean. I may have to do this with my great-niece! She’d love it if Barbie could have some pie when we have our little tea parties!

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