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Ask and you shall receive, as has been advised by so many before me, but only now do I believe that such a simple and obvious statement might actually be valid. What seems like years ago now, I had the luck to stumble upon some delicious pudding made by ZenSoy, and investigated some of their other products to round out my review. Offhandedly citing my find that their website mentioned an enticing cappuccino drink, I never dreamed that I might taste such a delight, as to my dismay it was no where to be found in local stores. Now, seemingly out of the blue, the director of marketing himself contacted me and offered free samples. Surprised but ecstatic about this sudden opportunity, I jumped at his offering, scarcely believing that such a serendipitous event could truly happen in real life. Seriously, I couldn’t have made this story up and sounded the least bit convincing, but there you have it!

Mere days later, a box so heavy that no amount of strength on my part could have lifted it from the ground arrived at my doorstep. Weighed down with pounds of soymilk, the most I could muster was a good drag through the house before giving up and opening it on the spot, revealing an amazing bounty within. Not only had a full case of my long sough after Cappuccino drink been included in this cardboard treasure chest, but also a half case of both Vanilla and Chocolate Soy on the Go. Deliriously happy, I paraded my loot straight into the freezer to chill as fast as physically possible, craving a taste right then and there. [For future reference, I might suggest they reside in the fridge for long term storage- My cartons only sat there 15 or 20 minutes, but much longer and they could very well explode, as I’ve seen many other bottled liquids do.]

Starting with the least alluring flavor so as not to set my standards too high, I reached for the frosty carton of Chocolate soymilk, straw ready to slurp. Now it may surprise some chocoholics that I might find this one the least enticing, but in my experience, chocolate drinks are either hit or miss. It’s just all too common that they become gritty, artificial-tasting, watery, or some unfortunate combination of the three. With some trepidation I swallow my first mouthful… And was so startled by the taste that I nearly spilled it all over my already messy keyboard! Never before had I experienced such a delicious cocoa soymilk; creamy and smooth with the perfect viscosity, it felt substantial enough to be satisfying without being the least bit unctuous. Distinctly cocoa-tasting, artificial flavors can’t even touch this sort of authentic sweetness.

On a whim, I popped a glass of this auburn beauty into the microwave for a minute or two, wondering how it might taste as a convenient, pre-mixed hot cocoa. Burning myself on the steaming liquid, the experience was perfectly reminiscent of childhood experiences. Just like the cocoa I remembered from even before my days as a vegan, this was sure to be the perfect remedy for a cold and wet winter day. Although I would never normally pick something like this off the shelves, I will definitely have to stock up when the snowy months roll around!

Plucking a chilly box of Vanilla out of the fridge, memories of less than appealing products haunted me once more. Although it should be such an easy flavor to replicate, vanilla is actually terribly complex, and it’s all too easy for companies working in huge batches to get the formula disturbingly wrong. More often than not, “vanilla” soymilk is almost indecipherable from the standard plain, but then there are also variants that take it way too far, making the flavor so intense that it tastes like you’ve just swallowed a full bottle of extract, artificial additives and all. Vanilla is truly a delicate thing, often drowned out by excessive sweetening, but even one whiff of this brew convinced me that ZenSoy would not make this the case. Light and refreshing, a sip lingered on the tongue just long enough to make a case for the flavorful bean, never overstaying its welcome. Miles better than I could have even hoped for, I would happily include this in any bowl of cereal or baking application. Surprisingly, I found that the carton was drained before I even concluded writing my tasting notes!

Having saved what I was hoping would be the best for last, I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer and finally plunged my extended plastic straw through the seal of the Cappuccino flavor. Taking a good, long swig, I must have lost myself in the moment, because it seemed as though I guzzled down half of the container before coming up for air! Lightly flavored with just a hint of coffee, I wished that there was a more robust flavor, being that I’m such a coffee addict. However, that faint whisper only made me want to drink more to chase that flavor down, making for a quite addictive beverage itself. A serious contender to real coffee house creations, this creamy drink is sophisticated enough to suit more mature palates, but I’m sure it’s light enough that even kids would be able to enjoy it as well. In sum, I absolutely adore this stuff, and I may just have to order another case or two soon!

Now, bear in mind that I almost never drink soymilk straight-up. Sometimes I’ll use it in my cereal, but more often than not even that job is done by almond milk, so soy usually is only found in my baking. Considering all of that, this is some high praise coming from my lips, but it really does deserve recognition. Not only is it a perfectly portable and even nutritionally sound refreshment, but there are few products on the shelf that could rival its incredible taste. If you’re looking for single-serve packages of soymilk, search no further – ZenSoy On the Go really is “the soy you enjoy!”

[Written for Go Dairy Free]

3 thoughts on “Soy to Enjoy

  1. I always see a variety of ZenSoy products located throughout my local Whole Foods, but I never think to try it. I love using Silk® Vanilla and Plain soymilks for cold cereal and cooking/baking, respectively, and then I’m ADDICTED to Pacific Foods® oatmilk (original or vanilla flavor – I prefer the original) for oatmeal and smoothies. However, your incredible, rave review makes me want to give ZenSoy a chance – those single-serving “On the Go” boxes would be great to pack for trips!

  2. Thank you for the review. I have had some disappointing experiences with soy drinks in the past but based on your review I will look for ZenSoy. With luck I will A) find it, B) quickly get hooked and C) convince others to try it. Thanks again!

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