With Mail Comes Crafts

As far as receiving mail goes, I tend to be the loser in the family. True, most of what arrives in our mail box tends to be bills or junk mail, but I’m finding that even some deceased relatives are still getting more mail than me. The most I can ever really hope for when opening that small black box at the mouth of the driveway is another issue of VegNews to which I recently subscribed. I’m certainly not complaining about that, because it’s a damn good publication, but it only comes ever 2 months, leaving long stretches of pulling everyone else’s mail out of the box.

The other day however, luck smiled upon me and the post man brought a medium sized manilla envelope with my name carefully spelled out on top. How exciting, I love getting packages, especially they come much earlier than I would have expected. Tearing apart the thin vessel without any sort of delicacy, I was overjoyed to hold in my hands my very first apron, hand made by Vania, no less!

This picture doesn’t really do it justice, as the colors are some what dulled by the early morning light. In real life, it’s everything I could ask for in an apron and more! The patterns are work perfectly together, in a very inviting color scheme. Gathered slightly at the top, it’s somewhat flouncy and very cute, finishing off with a large front pocket. I honestly love it so much, I’ll probably end up wearing it to school as an accessory more than in the kitchen to keep clean! It was be a nice change to not wear flour-encrusted jeans around all day though. Thank you so much for my very first apron, Vania!

In exchange, I sent to her another crocheted lace choker like I had featured on my blog some time ago, but this time in a light blue / turquoise.

I had a wonderful time doing this mini swap! If only I wasn’t so swamped trying to work all of my holiday planning out, I would love to jump into about 20 more right now!