Wishing You Good Fortune

Although most fortune cookies are bland and distasteful, (Forget about even not being vegan) I still think that they’re great fun to play with. Whenever these shaped pieces of dough are brought to our table after a meal at any standard Chinese restaurant, I always rush in to grab one first, not because I want to eat it, but because I want to pick the “best” fortune.

I don’t know what you think about this, but it seems to me that fortunes these days are a) not actually fortunes, and / or b) completely ridiculous. It used to be fine to use painfully generic pieces of wisdom such as “You will be facing a challenge in the near future,” but lately they don’t even make any sense. I swear, I once saw one of these tiny rectangles of paper originating within a crispy cookie bearing the powerful statement of “Tastes like chicken.” How I wish I were joking.

Anyway, when I saw the little video posted on One Hour Craft of a person making a simple crocheted fortune cookie, it looked like a very simple but fun thing that would sooner or later end up on my to-do list. Luckily it was extremely easy so it only cost me about 15 minutes or so, only distracting me from my other tasks at hand.

So on that note, I thought I would leave you with one of the most deep, profound pieces of wisdom I have ever personally received from one of the fore-mentioned edible gurus. Take these words to heart; It may be very important to remember one day when you find yourself in a bind.

3 thoughts on “Wishing You Good Fortune

  1. i TOTALLY agree about the recent uselessness of fortune cookie fortunes! i’d pull out my jar of fortunes and read you some that i’ve gotten, but sadly, they’re at home and i won’t be there for a few weeks.

    you know what? you make me want to learn to crochet… you make all these adorable crochet things that i want to make, too! hahaha : )

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