Indian Summer

Put that winter coat back in the closet and turn off the radiator before you melt – There’s been a streak of warm weather breaking through the area! Despite the fact that just yesterday there was frost thriving upon outdoors plants and roof tops, today I went outside wearing a short skirt and t-shirt without any discomfort! Admittedly, I have a fairly high tolerance for cold, but anyone around these parts will agree that the weather has been unseasonably mild for this time of year. I’m just as anxious as anyone to see the snow come down in fluffy white clumps, but I can relent for a bit while the sun is still so determined to prolong this summery climate. In any event, it gives me an excuse to break out the [soy] ice cream again!

I had some of my own plans brewing to make a similar frozen treat out of yarn, but Eva beat me to it! I’m not upset though – Her pattern is much better than what I could have even hoped to achieve. Everyone that saw it was impressed with how accurate it looked for something made of yarn.

With such a flawless guide to produce my faux ice cream cone, the hardest part was choosing a flavor. After a quick survey of the most appropriate colors available for the task, I settled on mint chocolate chip, complete with little bugle-bead “chocolate” pieces.

Luckily this makes a very small serving, so when the weather decides to turn frigged again without a moment’s notice, I won’t be stuck with gallons of ice cream for the next six months!

6 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. It’s been warm here recently too.. i hear the weather is going to change this weekend though. We’ll see! I’m working all weekend so it’s not like i’m msising a whole lot if it DOES change!

  2. D’aww! its adorible! one of my favorite flavores to! I wish it was still warm hear…right now its 44 Degrees and PORING down rain. oh well!

  3. Love it, the chocolate chips are perfect! There’s just something extra fun about knitting or crocheting food.

  4. Hi! This is just 2cte4words!!! Can you post the Instructions? Pls dont get mad atme,i just dont read the other words,i just look for the pattern! :P

  5. nice! I’ve been doing cupcakes but thinking of going into ice cream cones by making the bottom longer. I made a green cupcake too and family thot it was funny – friend said it was a green tea flavor. :)

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