Horse Play

Although I’ve spent very little time (if any) with horses, I always heard that they could be feisty and unruly at times. I may have to rethink this particular stereotype now based on my encounter with a particular blue buck that spent some time with me recently. True, one situation is hardly a fair judge of all others, but he was so gentle and completely tame, it’s hard not to atleast wish this type of personality the rule, not the exception.

For hours we enjoyed each other’s company, and not once did his goofy yet charming smile falter. Even when I couldn’t find a proper bit of hay for him to sleep on, he didn’t seem the least bit upset. Not the least bit fussy, everything I had to offer suited his temperament just fine, and he insisted that special treatment was never necessary.

If only all my human guests could be so courteous!

3 thoughts on “Horse Play

  1. Where did you get the pattern for that? He’s so cute! I have a one year old and I’m looking for creative gift ideas for Christmas. How long does it normally take you to finish a project like this? Well done!

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