Chefs Are All Pigs

Sure, it may look as though I’ve been cooking up a storm these days, bit in reality I’ve only been baking like a maniac. Lots of tasty treats and temptations, but very little of actual substance. With school and various errands or obligations, it never seems very practical to try preparing full meals from scratch. I’m lucky that frozen dinners such as those made by Amy’s exist so that I don’t have to resort to eating cereal for dinner [atleast every night.]

After returning home from another one of those grueling days, I dumped my bags on the floor and shuffled sleepily into the kitchen. Expecting to defrost one of the many miscellaneous packaged meals sitting in the freezer, you could imagine my surprise when I found a frying pan already sizzling away on the stove. That in itself was nothing, however, when you considered who was undertaking this task.

Hardly the size of most the utensils he was using, my miniature chef had quite an air of confidence nonetheless. Clearly trained to be a professional, he even understood the importance of cleanliness and presentation, donning an apron and toque that fit his personality like a second skin. I can’t even say as much for myself – I don’t currently own an apron, let alone take the time to merely consider wearing one!

Watching intently, no words were exchanged, as none were necessary to understand this act of kindness. I had given him a brand new frying pan about a week ago to encourage his blossoming hobby, and after having clearly enjoyed it, I suppose this was a gesture of appreciation. Not only that, but I was able to fully witness his greatly improved skills and newly acquired techniques.

I sat quietly at the table and continued to observe his mastery of the food he was hard at work on. It was not long before delicious aromas filled the air, and the only remaining task at hand was to eat. No objections on my part!

Together we enjoyed the fruits of his labor, and agreed that it is a lot of work to cook most new dishes, even without factoring in one’s busy schedule. I can’t depend on my rising chef here to always be there for my consumption needs, but it sure was nice of him to treat me this time! Maybe I can bribe him to atleast cook for me after I finish my Japanese SAT II’s today. (Wish me luck!)