Key To My Heart

Poking through thrift stores, scoping out Goodwill or the Salvation Army, no matter where I attempt to pick up second-hand goods, it seems like the odds are always against me. How is it that almost everyone else I know owns the most amazing things that not only used, but more importantly, cheap, while I’m doomed to keep coming up empty? It’s not like I don’t try, either – There are atleast two or three Goodwill stores nearby that I keep hitting, but the best I found was a metal pizza tray for $2. Unfortunately, I bought it to hold magnets and things in my room, but when I got it home, it turned out that it wasn’t even real metal! Honestly people, that’s such a rip off, it should be a crime!

Trying to put that awful piece of useless junk out of my memory, I gave thrifting yet another go when I heard word that there would be a flea market held at one of the high schools in town. Now, I didn’t have high hopes in the least, seeing as the flea markets around here are notorious for boasting the largest amounts of old, broken, or worthless crap ever to be witnessed in just a few square feet. These garbage dumps are held quite often throughout the summer, so figuring that this would be the last I might see for a while, I figured there was no harm in trying.

Wouldn’t you know it, hardly two tables into the cacophony of rowdy voices and dusty relics, I found the most amazing treasure that was clearly meant for me and me alone. I can’t even assert that I found it; Really, I think that it found me. Gazing down upon it in its transparent plastic baggie marked with “$1” written in black sharpie, I wondered if this was all a joke. Well, I didn’t wait around to find out. Snatching up my new found pendant, I dashed home to begin planning out what it would become a part of.

Such a strong yet simple focal point, how could I help but being whole-heartedly inspired? I tried to match the sharp silver of the metal for the main color of the necklace, but added little accents of multicolored beads, mimicking the depth and brightness brought by the “key” in the pendant.

Although I hadn’t beaded anything in a good deal of time now, this piece practically made itself. I only provided the hands with which to make it – The heart shaped lock really spoke to me and told me what it was meant to become in the new life it was about to enter. It was all pre-destined; I simply aided to create the inevitable final product.

I adore how this necklace came out to such a degree that I don’t think that any amount of money would persuade me to part with it. I rarely wear any sort of jewelry other than the earrings that I never remove, but this is one piece that may actually stand a chance at making it into my normal wardrobe. Believe me, this means a lot more than any sort of words I could use to describe how attached I’ve become with it.

7 thoughts on “Key To My Heart

  1. That is really beautiful! Lucky you, maybe you broke your thrifty curse. I, on the other hand, am still cursed to find nothing more than junk, [insert overly dramatic sigh here.]

  2. It’s gorgeous! Great find! I’m with ducklyn, you broke your thrifting curse. Mind over matter now, just *think* you’ll find good stuff.
    I learned all the secret corners of the thrift shops here and I’m always finding wonderful things, so don’t forget to poke around in the weird piles of stuff. Also, branch out from GoodWill. They have strange guidelines for which items to sell, so much so, that here there’s a “GoodWill Bargain Barn” where all the seconds from GoodWill go and they practically sell things by the pound, but really, the cashier just sizes you up and if you’re happy or attractive, he gives you a good price. It’s mayhem.

  3. Beautiful! I love what you did for the necklace part. I never got into beading at all but your picture gives me the itch.

    I loved going to thrift stores long before I went to them for actual clothes. I loved finding the other stuff… especially blue glass. I love cobalt blue stuff or depression glass. There is one around here that has everything in it on sale for half off! I’ve GOT to get back there.

  4. What a wonderful find. I absolutely love both thrifting and beading. And you did a fantastic job of giving the pendant a new home. I hope you do wear it as it deserves to be worn and shown off.. Keep thrifting….you’ll eventually find those items you can’t live without and like someone else mentioned….branch out from the mainstream thrift stores. You will find some awesome goodies in those Mom and Pop Thrift shops.

  5. Oh wow, that is amazing! I love the pendant, and I love the simple beauty of the rest of the necklace. Keep up the good work!

    As a little tip: If you ever get small (or even medium or large) pendants that you have no clue what to use for, take some jewelry wire and a few beads and make stitch markers out of them. I’ve done this with a dozen pendants, and they look so much better than those cheapo plastic rings you get at craft stores! :D LOL

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