Whoo Goes There?

With Halloween now safely behind me, I hope to have my posting and crafting activities back to normal, whatever that may be. I must warn you though: I’ve now built up quite a formidable backlog of projects, so don’t be surprised if you see pictures where it looks very bright and green outside, even if it’s currently freezing and nasty out in real life on the same day.

Such is the case with this darling blue owl that I made a month ago… or maybe it was two. To say that time has been flying is an understatement if I ever did hear one. I’m starting to think that there’s some back hole nearby, sucking up all those hours that seem to have disappeared on me without a trace. Luckily, I do remember that the owl itself came together very quickly. The hardest part was figuring out what piece was what, since this pattern is in Chinese. Thank goodness for diagrams.

Perched in a month the dense, vibrant leaves, he thinks that he’s well hidden, invisible among the thick foliage. I know that owls should have excellent eye sight, but I guess he never got a good look at himself! Decked out in colors better suited as a patchwork quilt, any potential prey would have no trouble spotting him, despite his diminutive size.

An even more curious anomaly to ponder is why would this typical night-dweller be bathing in the warm midday sun? I would have asked him myself, but he looked so content and cheerful, I would have hated to ruin such an enjoyable moment.

7 thoughts on “Whoo Goes There?

  1. hello there- i just stumbled upon your blog for the first time today. The owl is too cute for words. Love the colors (kind of reminds me of the owl from Mr. Rogers)! … and I will definitely be trying out the pumpkin hummus you talk about a few posts ago.

  2. oh fabulous! i’d really like to do one of these with the art group at work some time… but this is machine sewn, isn’t it? do you know of anything that i can do as handsewn with the residents?

  3. He looks so sweet! Ha, if you think his vision is bad, maybe you should make him some little spectacles. :)

  4. Oh, i love this one too! What a cute little thing. FYI, i think the writing is Japanese, if it’s from one of those fantastically wonderful Japanese craft books everyone wants and/or has!

  5. wxould you mind sharing with me this little owl pattern ? It’s sooo cool , but I cannot find it anywhere anymore

    thank you

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