The Great Pumpkin [Cupcakes]

Finally, after all that anticipation and excitement, I finally own a shiny new copy of… The Book. Yes, the very one. Obviously the only proper way to initiate it into my collection of cook books was to try out the most seasonally appropriate recipe, and utilize one of my favorite orange ingredients, so those chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes had my name written all over them.

All I can really say is… Isa, you are brilliant. I will never again search for adequite vegan cupcakes anywhere else. Just this one recipe was enough to win me over, but really, you would understand if you made them, too. I made two batches of these treasures, primarily for a Halloween party that I’ll be attending tonight, but some also went off to work with my mom for her to share with her colleagues. If they’re half as big a hit at the party, then I’ll be able to go home happy.

I sent just a few extras in with my mom, and I hear that people not only enjoyed them, but they were raving. “We’re talking almost foaming at the mouth!” my mom assures me. Even after everyone learned of their vegan nature, they were only futher impressed.

Seriously, the flavor that these single serving sweets pack is unbelievable, and is only augmented by the simple cinnamon glaze. I’m not so great at decorating yet (but I’m sure I’ll be getting much more practice with this book around…) so I really liked how easy it was to make my mess of dripping sugar syrup into something fairly presentable. Originally, I was thinking of making a chocolate ganache to top them, but considering that fact that there’s already chocolate in them, it would have probably been overkill. Besides, the cinnamon glaze is so light and pure, it brings a whole new dimension to the overall taste.

I won’t be dressing as a witch, but nonetheless I’m all set to bring in my mini cauldron of pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes into the party later today. I can’t wait!

Happy Halloween Everyone!