A Game of Cat and Mouse

Well, word must have gotten out that I’ve been harboring a mouse in my home, because the other day this cat just showed up at my door, harboring a hungry look in its eyes. I let him in, not wanting the poor creature to starve, but it immediately stalking around, searching for its prey.

Sensing the immediate danger that my helpless blue friend might be in, I quickly sequestered him to his own room, and returned to offer my new resident a big bowl of soymilk. I knew that this wouldn’t satisfy his killer instinct, but I hoped that it would atleast temporarily quell the primal urge.

I would never kick either out, but friends do not eat friends, so I can not allow this cat to get a taste of my defenseless mouse. Maybe in time I can introduce each other in a more peaceful manner, but for the time being I think my best choice is to keep them separated until my new kitty learns it doesn’t need to kill for his food. I just hope it all works out…!

Still, he spends both his days and night very alert, sensing that his desired meal is near…

I don’t think they will be ready to meet each other very soon.

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