Lace in Bead-Form

Lace is definitely my thing. Whether it’s knit, crocheted, beaded, what have you, I really love making it. Something about its intricate patterns, the delicate lines and open spaces… I just find it so rewarding to create, and the finished project is almost guaranteed to be an instant beauty. In this case it was a beaded choker on The AntiCraft that caught my eye a few months back, beckoning me towards my needle and thread.

It had been such a long time since I’ve attempted any complex beading pattern, I was at first a bit imtimidated by the seemingly demanding instructions. Taking a deep breath and preparing my thread, I took comfort in the fact that if I screwed up royally, it would never have to see the light of day via my blog. And of course, the first tier into it I got a huge knot and the nice little ending leading towards the clasp completely died. I had no choice but to cut out the snag and just tie in the second side of the clasp, so the two ends aren’t exactly symmetrical. Just do me a favor and don’t look too close, okay?

Once I got further into the pattern, the thread wasn’t nearly so long and wild, just waiting for the opportunity to tangle. After the whole clasp fiasco that nearly ended it the whole project in tears and spilled beads, there was not a single issue with completing my choker.

It’s a really lovely pattern, and trust me, much easier than you might think!

5 thoughts on “Lace in Bead-Form

  1. Very pretty. The gal who wrote the pattern made socks for me in Sockapaloooza. =) I’ve been thinking of trying it, but I never seem to have all the right supplies. Does it fit very tightly, like a choker? Or is there some breathing room?

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