Killer Bees?

Normally, if any sort of insect is spotted buzzing around a room, minding its own business or not, I would be that crazy person shreiking as if my hair were set on fire and flailing my arms like I was drowning. You know the type: The completely irrational phobic who won’t listen to any logically reasoning, such as “It won’t hurt you as long as you don’t bother it,” or, “For god’s sakes, that’s a freaking DRAGONFLY.” Okay, so I’ve gotten over the whole dragonfly bit after having run into a glass door trying to escape one at about age four, but just about every other sort of bug, winged or not? Count me out.

Of my top two most terrifying insects, I would have to say that spiders and bees make the cut indefinitely. They’ve both lessened enough over the years so that I can now usually exit a room after finding one with only minimal whimpering noises.

This time, however, there is absolutely nothing to fear, seeing as my own little bee is made of [What else?] yarn.

Not a pattern I would have ordinarilly chosen to pursue, but it was ultimately the request of a friend that prompted me to plunge my hook in. Maybe this good experience with a bee will help me contain my immediate freakouts in the future. I mean really, who would be scared of this fuzzy friend?

…Or maybe, it will just make me more thankful that winter is coming soon to exterminate those nasty, stinging predators.

2 thoughts on “Killer Bees?

  1. That bee is absolutely darling. I need to make one for a friend of mine who’s terrified of bees and another friend who’s allergic to bees. You should write a pattern and sell it. I’d buy it.

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