Cutest Ice Cream Sandwiches Around

As my next tasting adventure, I turned my attention to that ever-popular brand of Tofutti, know by vegans and omnivores alike. As I’m sure you all know, Tofutti has been around for quite some time now and just about everyone has already had their say in countless reviews of their products. Maybe I’m just not “with it” like everyone else, but I had never had anything by Tofutti before, so I figured that the Tofutti Cuties were the right place to start because… Why not?

There is a very impressive list of flavors that the Tofutti Cuties come and so I was disappointed I could only secure four different types. I’m still on the lookout for those Coffee Break ones…

So here was what I thought of the sandwiches that I sampled :

Better Than Cookies ‘n Cream

Very sweet, with a strong vanilla flavor. Even better when allowed to sit out for a couple minutes and become slightly melted, creating an irresistible creamy texture, punctuated with little cookie bits that are just like the larger cookies surrounding the “ice cream.” My only complaint is that if you eat too many of these, the over-enthusiastic sugary notes can become rather cloying, almost to the point of feeling unctuous.


A deep cocoa-y flavor, much less sweet but a more sophisticated taste. A lot better than what I had been expecting, as it was not an overpowering chocolate, but far more delicate and satisfying. The sandwich cookies were a slightly richer chocolate in comparison, but I think that they really did go well together. This is high praise coming from me, because I’m really not a huge fan of many chocolate desserts.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Perhaps my favorite of the whole bunch, bringing a very bright and refreshing mint flavor to the party. Not necessarily sweet, but in my opinion, it really loses nothing from this missing component. An even better treat resides between the two chocolate wafers than in the cookie pieces in the Cookies ‘n Cream; There are whole mini-chocolate chips, delivering a satisfying crunch as opposed to the limp surrounding cookies.

Peanut Butter

Really not peanut buttery at all. I suppose it may have been slightly nutty, but when paired with sandwich cookies, the chocolate flavor completely overshadowed the “ice cream.” In fact, if I hadn’t known in advance that they were supposed to be peanut butter, I probably would have guessed that they were vanilla. It was a great disappointment, as I had expected them to be a rich and intensely flavored tofutti, but they were still creamy, sweet, and tasty nonetheless.

All in all, I found these Tofutti Cutes to be surprisingly tasty, since I hadn’t actually tried vegan ice cream before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t think I would buy the peanut butter or chocolate ones again, but there are so many other flavors, I’m sure I can find many to take their place.

The worst thing about them: They are very messy to eat, so make sure you are in close proximity to a sink and towel when you eat them!

10 thoughts on “Cutest Ice Cream Sandwiches Around

  1. I’ve only had Tofutti Cuties once or twice, but I’ve often been tempted to make my own soy cream sandwiches. Can you imagine the flavor combinations possible if you did that!?

  2. I love Tofutti Cuties! I’ve never seen the peanut butter ones. I was addicted to the coffee ones a couple of years ago and I had to stop – but now that you’ve reminded me I may have to start again… They do melt very quickly.
    I like that you’re reviewing vegan food, that way I can avoid buying the not so good cookies and such :)

  3. I really like tofutti cuties, except that they cost too much to buy often. I have never seen the cookies ‘n cream kind (and trust me, if I had, I would have tried it!), but I have recently tried a strawberry flavor that is now my absolute favorite.

  4. I came to see the “terrible photos” and they are heaps better than what I take on a regular basis ;). They may not be the gorgeous images that grace your posts now but they certainly show that you had a good eye. They make me want to eat these babies ;)

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