Smallest Sweaters

While I am well aware that it’s only September, it still feels as though the Christmas season is breathing down the back of my neck. Why didn’t I start sooner? I’m already kicking myself for my procrastinating ways – All I can think of is that last day crunch, wrapping gifts as soon as they fly off the needles. I don’t manage all-nighters too well; Beyond midnight or so I start to loose my place, drop stitches, make mistakes… It’s not a pretty sight. Especially when the frustration becomes too much and I start throwing uncooperative skeins of yarn and tearing through stubborn wrapping paper that won’t stay in place.

So in order to prevent this mad scramble, I’m trying to alternate random fun projects with holiday gift projects, attempting to cut down the list some before X-day. I’m relieved to report that this damage control seems to be working, and my list is looking less daunting by the day.

These mini garments were fashioned for my two little cousins who are obsessed with American Girl dolls. I don’t understand the fascination myself, but I guess it’s just a kid thing. It’s always difficult to know what younger children would appreciate when deciding on a gift to craft, but this one has just got to be a winner. I mean seriously, these kids are so infatuated with these molded hunks of plastic, when a leg poped off a season or two ago, they actually sent it to a “doll hospital.” When it came back, it had not only a “get well” balloon in hand, but it was even deckedd out in hospital garb. A bit much, or what?

I don’t know for a fact that these will actually fit the dolls, seeing as I don’t really have one avaliable to test it on. So for now I’ll just trust in the pattern and hope for the best. Only 3 more months!

4 thoughts on “Smallest Sweaters

  1. I worshipped those dolls when I was younger too! I read the books constantly, but my parents refused to buy the doll because it was too expensive. I used to look at my catalog so much it was falling apart, so I understand their love. Those are perfect gifts!

  2. Too funny, i am also beginning to think about what to make this year for holiday gifts – and am dreading being stuck with late hours of sewing come Dec. 22! These sweaters are darling – and gives me inspiration that it’s never too early to start!

  3. I can’t believe you missed the American Girls craze! I, like Nicole, pored over my catalog for hours. My grandmother bought me one of the dolls, too, and it was because of her that I learned to sew. I made her a skirt and little jacket out of American-flag-print material when I was 9 or so. Those sweaters will be a HUGE hit!

  4. I’ve never heard of those dolls, I must be waaaaaaay too old, but I love those itty bitty sweaters and the colors you chose.
    By the way, I went out looking for Tofutti Cuties today and there were no coffee ones! Just vanilla. So I didn’t get any. Bummer (that’s how old I am – I still say bummer) : )

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