Man’s Best Friend

As a young child searching for responsibility and some smaller person or creature to play with, what kid hasn’t asked their parents for a dog? You would think any pet would fulfill this need, but no, it’s always a dog. Guinea pigs and hamster are cute and all, but they won’t fully satisfy this seemingly arbitrary urge. I know this from experience – When I was about five years old, I had pet mice, but was this ever enough? Well, was that dessert your mother carefully measured out like it was a potentially deadly substance ever enough after dinner, either? No. Way.

Well, now you can have it all; Your very own golden lab that will never make a mess, never pee on the carpet, and won’t ever demand a walk at 2 a.m. You could even forget to feed this new and improved pet for a couple days and he probably wouldn’t mind at all. Easy to transport thanks to his compact size, and most importantly, easy to love.

If I ever became a parent (Which will happen at approximately the same time as when the sky turns red and it rains flesh eating bunnies) I think this guy right here would be the best first pet for any kid, really. Until they can dress and feed themselves, I sure hope I’m not alone in thinking that they really shouldn’t be entrusted with the well-being of another living creature yet.

Either way, at this rate, I could open a whole kennel by next month, full of little amigurumi puppies! Believe me when I say: Much more are on their way.

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