Newman’s – “O” is For Organic

Since I don’t currently have the appropriate facilities to bake or cook at the moment, I’ve decided to instead sample some ready-made vegan goodies and give a brief review for those interested in the instant gratification of purchasing sweets, as opposed to laboring through the work to make them (Although I don’t usually see this as being too difficult in itself…)

So the first item on my must list was the Newman O’s organic oreo-type cookies. They look exactly like classic oreos, with their bright white cream filling enclosed in two distinctive black patterned cookies. The difference, of course, is that not only are they vegan, but they even tout themselves as being all organic and having no trans fats. Additionally, in case you were feeling guilty about purchasing cookies instead of baking your own, you can easily justify this expenditure as they donate millions of dollars to various charities worldwide.

I was only able to secure a package of the Original flavor, but they also make a number of other tasty sounding varieties, such as Chocolate Creme, Mint Creme, and Ginger O’s. I’m still on the look out for the Ginger O’s… If I ever get my hands on them, I’ll be sure to put in my two cents on those, too.

After contemplating the intricate little designs on the top cookie, I separated the layers in order to get a better feel of each and ate them like any eight year old or nostalgic adult. The “creme” filling was delightfully creamy and smooth, with a soft undertone of vanilla. The strongest flavor, however, was definitely the intense sweetness brought on by enough sugar to put a child in a coma, although I suppose oreo fillings and such are generally meant to have that distinct sugar-rush type of characteristic.

I was surprised by how sturdy the cookies were, beyond my normal definition of “crisp.”Clearly a cookie for dunking, it softened to a much more agreeable structure after a few seconds submerged in a tall glass of soymilk. Alone, the cookie portion isn’t something I would be inclined to chow down on, as the cocoa elements fall a bit flat, in my opinion. When eaten together in one bit, the two textures match beautifully together, near polar opposites creating an excellent contrast.

Now, I’ve never reviewed anything before, so I tried to pay close attention to every nuance in flavor as to better serve the vegan public. But don’t just take my word for it; If you’ve never tried Newman O’s go pick some up for yourself! An easy, tasty snack that you’ll probably remember from your childhood, that can once again be enjoyable to the compationate vegan in you.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know, the Ginger-O’s are wonderful, I found them at a small natural food store and they are really addictive. The Ginger part is just like a spicy ginger snap (only softer), and the creme part compliments the spice very nicely. The bag I bought only lasted about two days at my house. They are probably my favorite cookie now.

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