Butter Me Up

…And by butter I mean soy margarine, and by me I mean toast. What were you thinking over there?

I’m not sure that toast is necessarily the best breakfast you could find in any situation, but it ‘s definitely up there in the top five. It’s cheap, fast, easy to prepare, and filling. If it’s whole wheat, then it’s even full of fiber and heart-healthy. Really, what’s not to love? Spread it with just about anything under the sun and you’ll get an even better treat; From jam to nut butters to Nutella, everything goes on toast.

Or, there’s always the old standby – A generous pat of margarine, melting slowly across the warm, crisp surface of the darkened bread…

…Or yarn.

How could I possibly leave such an wonderful breakfast item out of my repertoire of knit foods? This time though, I decided to make it into more than just a little decorative trinket. After breezing through the first slice, without hesitating I quickly began another, and decided to put the two together. By doing so, I came up with this lovely crocheted toast purse.

Just the thing the world has always wanted! Now you can make your very own; It’s an extremely simple pattern that can easily be completed in an afternoon, ready for a night on the town. It’s fairly small, big enough for maybe a wallet and spare change, but it’s not the size that counts! When it comes to toast, it’s the happiness you get out of it that matters.

Toast (Make 2)

Using an F hook and tan worsted weight yarn, Ch16
Sc15 for 18 rows
Tr7 into the 4th stitch, Sl St, Tr7 into 4th stitch from Sl St, Sl St to end off, weaving in the ends.

In dark brown, single crochet around the border.


Sc5 for 5 rows and leave a relatively long tail to attatch to toast.

To put the purse together, simply whip stitch around the edges until you reach the top of the toast, and then ch with the dark brown until the handle grows to desired length. Sew down to opposite corner.

Now you can take your breakfast with you, at any time of the day!

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