Sadly, my busy schedule as of late allows fewer and fewer visits to craftster.org. I miss being about to browse around aimlessly, in addition to being able blog-hop for hours on end. I love reading everyone’s blogs, so it really kills me when I miss a handful of posts from my favorite people. Hopefully I’ll get time to catch up, so please forgive me for the time being!

Anyway, as luck would have it, one of my rare opportunities to poke around the forums immediately yielded a new pattern to consider. Naturally, I figured I would set it aside in my bookmarks and maybe revisit it when things were slightly less hectic.

And of course… I found myself with hook and yarn at hand in a matter of hours.

In no time at all, my neon pink octopode was born. Crawling forth from the ocean with a trail of sea water still marking her path, she appeared to fit into her surroundings about as well as a clown at a funeral. As if she wasn’t odd enough, I just couldn’t resist adding the final detail to complete this absurd image; I believe that little pink bow is quite fetching, in fact. I’ll bet she gets all the neon-colored guy octopodes in the sea.

Such a creative pattern! This is why I love craftster – So many creative people, kind enough to share their ideas and techniques. I think I’ll have to clear more time to hunt for entertaining finds like this in the future.

5 thoughts on “Octopode

  1. That’s really cute and you are such a prolific (suddenly not sure about the choice of this adjective) crafter and cook!
    I’m glad I know your name now – I couldn’t find it in the posts nor in the “about” section so many people have (but neither you nor I do, apparently).
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. She’s is so great! Love the color choice, & darn it all that simple little bow just perfects her. I’ve actually got this pattern bookmarked, think I might move it to the top of the to-do list, whatcha think,vivid lime or bright blue octopode!?!

  3. She is great. i am finishing up my first attempt at one -0 yours looks better though! how long did it take you to make her? I’m using variegated yarn and i don’t like it… much prefer the solid ones. oh well.

    now what i have noticed is that upon stuffing the octopode, the stitches stretch apart and i can see the stuffing that is inside. did you experience this phenomenon too?

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