Love Birds

As the summer’s brutal heat cools off a bit, I find myself spending more time outside, admiring the busy city streets below from the safe isolation of the balcony. People are undeniably facinating, and there’s just something so curious about their manerisms, I can’t help but watch as the world walks by, taking note of different strides and gestures, different relations and different clothes. All these details by themselves are unremarkable, when considered in the greater scheme of things, it truely tells a richer story than what one could pry from their very lips.

One late afternoon as I examined the groups of people, walking together to who knows where, to do who knows what, two sweet little birds fluttered down to join me in my observations.

Even more interesting than the passerbys hurrying on their way to some important destination, these bright birds held my normally scattered attention, begging to be seen. Certainly not feathered friends from around here, I couldn’t even remotely guess where they may have come from. No matter, I was more than happy to have their company; Being so far separated from the street up on the 4th floor of my building, I was beginning to feel the familiar tug of loneliness again.

The plump and comfortably rotund female fused lovingly with her mate, a slightly leaner bird, striped in distinctive cool colors. Clearly not of the same species, but undoubtedly a perfectly matched couple nontheless.

How I wished they would stay here with me longer, but in the blink of an eye, off they went, to what I can only hope is another loving home. But I’m not too worried; I know that these two lovers will never be separated from one another, no matter who adopts them from my temporary home adjoined to this balcony. Off the hook one day, and on to bigger and better things the next!

5 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. I love your blog, you inspired me to start my own here on wordpress. I will link you on my site once everything is set up.

    These birds are really cute. Is there anyway I can get the pattern? If it’s your pattern, I’m willing to pay. They would make a perfect birthday gift for a cousin of mine. Let me know, thanks!

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