If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

…You’ll probably make a new friend.

But if you give a mouse a pile of cookies…

You’ll get one hyperactive rodent.

Trust me, I had only wanted to was to make him feel welcome here, new to this world and scared of all the bright lights, wide open spaces. Only a few hours experience in terrifying new life and his little beady black eyes could bore a hole right into your head, commanding his presence to be taken note of. So innocent, so helpless, how could I ignore his lonely cries?

After spending the whole day huddled in my arms, he simply leapt at the chance to try out a sweet treat completely foreign to him. One cookie would have been no problem, but he just commandered the whole platter within minutes! Who would have guessed a tiny newborn mouse could have been so forceful! Before I knew it, he had devoured atleast half of my whole stash! It took hours for him to calm down afterward, and boy, did he crash hard.

After a long nap, we had a little talk, and came to the conclusion that you should only give a mouse one cookie at a time.

Sweet treats are still a comfort food in his eyes, but not a wise stable when the recipient can’t metabolize more than one extra sunflower seed in his diet without getting a sudden burst of spontaneous energy. Cute but crazy, especially on a sugar high.

[Free pattern is avaliable here, but in Japanese]

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