Dreadlock Tamer

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friend Heather lately, and though I’m a bit embarassed to admit, much of that time is spent admiring her wild dreads. Completely envious am I, the girl with medium-length curly brown hair that fluffs up into an afro at the slightest hint of humidity. No, I could never even dream of getting away with a bold look like that, but right here infront of me, Heather not only pulls it off, she totally rocks it.

After hanging out for a few days in sucession, I noticed that she had worn the same plain, dreary tangle of a headband every single day (Not that I have anything against that; It really did look fine and I’m sure she washes it and what not.) I just figured that maybe she would like some difference, a small change of pace every now and again. Options never hurt anybody, right?

So I pulled out the .pfd file saved on my harddrive for Lacy Hair Tamers from the Interweave Fall 2004 issue. I figured there was just enough of my varigated lavendar cotton yarn to finish the headband out, and there’s even a good deal left over for accents on some future project. It knit up like a dream, coming together in the space of one day. I decided to forgo the blocking, wanting it to remain a bit stretchy to accomidate one’s head without slipping off.

After handing over this simple creation, Heather thanked me gratefully and wore it the very next day. I think I was even more pleased than her, though; Almost no one I know likes having their picture taken, but she was willing to model her new hair accessory and show off her awesome dreads.

Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!

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