Wake Up and Smell the Yarn

When you wake up in the morning, how many times do you have to hit the snooze button before finally forcing yourself out of bed and jamming your feet into some socks? For me, I’m one of those rare “morning” people that are sometimes refered to as mythical creatures. There is nothing more invigorating that hopping out of bed and watching the sun rise with a steaming cup of coffee at hand.

During this past year in school, I found that the most time I ever had to myself was when I got up early for breakfast, alone in my quiet house, still filled with the quiet, even breathing of my slumbering family. It was during these solitary moments when I would take out my latest knitting or crochet project and turn out a couple solid rows before packing a lunch and heading out to catch my train.

Deep in thought one particular morning, enjoying the beautiful sunrise and ritual cup of coffee, I had a moment of inspiration. If coffee and crafting were such a passion of mine, what could be better than coffee composed of yarn?

A very quick but cute project, something you can finish in the small amount of free time in your morning schedule. Also a plus for those who love coffee but are sensitive to caffiene – Now you can have a cup all day long!


Scraps of worsted weight yarn in white, dark brown, and cream
Size F hook1. Using the magic loop technique and white yarn, sc 6 in a circle

2. 2 into each stitch (12)

3. [sc 1, sc 2 into next stitch] 6 times (18)

4. [sc 2, sc2 into next stitch] 6 times (24)

5. [sc 3, sc 2 into next stitch] 6 times (30)

6. [sc 4, sc 2 into next stitch] 6 times (36)

sc in each stitch for 10 rounds

17. ch 10, sc into each stitch

Cut thread, leaving a decent length to draw back down through the stitches and tack down the handle to the bottom of the cup.

In brown, repeat rounds 1-6 and cut thread, leaving a tail long enough to sew it down later.

Using the cream yarn, top stitch (I’m not sure what the proper term is) around in a spiral on the top of your brown circle.

Lightly stuff the cup and insert the brown circle a couple rounds in from the top. Stitch to the inside, stopping when you get near the end of your coffee circle, and readjust stuffing, if you desire yours to be more or less firm. Close up remaining hole and secure, bury the end on the inside and cut thread.

Enjoy, but don’t injest.