Wake Up and Smell the Yarn

When you wake up in the morning, how many times do you have to hit the snooze button before finally forcing yourself out of bed and jamming your feet into some socks? For me, I’m one of those rare “morning” people that are sometimes refered to as mythical creatures. There is nothing more invigorating that hopping out of bed and watching the sun rise with a steaming cup of coffee at hand.

During this past year in school, I found that the most time I ever had to myself was when I got up early for breakfast, alone in my quiet house, still filled with the quiet, even breathing of my slumbering family. It was during these solitary moments when I would take out my latest knitting or crochet project and turn out a couple solid rows before packing a lunch and heading out to catch my train.

Deep in thought one particular morning, enjoying the beautiful sunrise and ritual cup of coffee, I had a moment of inspiration. If coffee and crafting were such a passion of mine, what could be better than coffee composed of yarn?

A very quick but cute project, something you can finish in the small amount of free time in your morning schedule. Also a plus for those who love coffee but are sensitive to caffiene – Now you can have a cup all day long!


Scraps of worsted weight yarn in white, dark brown, and cream
Size F hook1. Using the magic loop technique and white yarn, sc 6 in a circle

2. 2 into each stitch (12)

3. [sc 1, sc 2 into next stitch] 6 times (18)

4. [sc 2, sc2 into next stitch] 6 times (24)

5. [sc 3, sc 2 into next stitch] 6 times (30)

6. [sc 4, sc 2 into next stitch] 6 times (36)

sc in each stitch for 10 rounds

17. ch 10, sc into each stitch

Cut thread, leaving a decent length to draw back down through the stitches and tack down the handle to the bottom of the cup.

In brown, repeat rounds 1-6 and cut thread, leaving a tail long enough to sew it down later.

Using the cream yarn, top stitch (I’m not sure what the proper term is) around in a spiral on the top of your brown circle.

Lightly stuff the cup and insert the brown circle a couple rounds in from the top. Stitch to the inside, stopping when you get near the end of your coffee circle, and readjust stuffing, if you desire yours to be more or less firm. Close up remaining hole and secure, bury the end on the inside and cut thread.

Enjoy, but don’t injest.

54 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell the Yarn

  1. I am so glad that you are back. How are you? Hope you are doing fine. Missed you all these days. :-)

  2. I think I just found my next project.. Coffee and crochet are my sanity-savers, and this is just so darn CUTE!

  3. Beautiful! Stuffed with pellets or pebbles, this would make an excellent paperweight to give out to folks at the office. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. This is really clever, but when I first saw it I thought it was a cup full of coasters and think that is how I shall make mine. I am always looking for coaster ideas. Thanks

  5. Oh, how cool! Looks good enough to drink! I know what you mean about morning being the only time to yourself. I have two daughters, and I love to get up early and surf the net uninterrupted with my “mug” of coffee…no cups for me lol. Very creative idea. I can’t wait to get started. I’m liking the fill with pebbles idea for a paperweight.

  6. Oh my gosh, I stumbled across your blog today while logging in to do a new post on mine and found this! I have been looking for the perfect xmas gift from my kids to my mom for her desk at work…. This is IT!!

    I love it!! I will keep an eye on your blog from now on, I hope you dont mind??!!

    I too crochet, amongst the craziness of my life I try to get more than 2 projects a decade done… lol


  7. Wow!

    I read your post based on the entry about having some peace & quiet in the mornings.
    As someone who rises at 0530 and starts dashing in 5th gear right from the word go, I miss the peace of solitude.
    I read on and was further much impressed by your passion – and design.
    I may never yarn (is that the phrase?) but I thank you unreservedly for reminding me of the quietness of the morning.
    I shall be setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier just to recapture the joy of it.
    Wishing you all the best,

    – Solo xxXxx

  8. Too cute for words. I know lots of coffee drinklers this will be perfect for. Has anyone come up with a matching saucer yet?

  9. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its soo cool
    i love to crochet and thought it was
    a great little project.
    im gonna try it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I tried to email you about posting your photograph but I can’t find an email anywhere here! Drop me a note and I’ll send it to you. I love this so much I featured it on one of the blogs in the network I own. It is adorable!! Being from Seattle I am somewhat of a coffee-addict and this just gave me all kinds of wonderful ideas. Brava on your creativity!! Hope to hear from you.

  11. Lovely! i think I’ll make me a few for office to ‘fool’ the occasional (unwanted) work guests..! very original! time for a mocha for me! Thanx for letting us use your pattern :)

  12. It would make a great satchet if you stuffed it with those delicious smelling gourmet beans you always pass by in the grocer’s. The extra weight would also make it a cute paperweight — though the coffee would probably stain the adorable cup after a while.

  13. Love this pattern. Don’t know if you still write this blog or not but it’s appreciated. My friend found the link to this and I’ve bookmarked it.

    Thanks again. Coffee and crochet – who needs men LOL

  14. That is so cool. I think it would be nice to if instead of stuffing it you made a set of brown or black coasters.

  15. this pattern is the cutest i’ve seen yet…but i’m so sorry for being so dense, but once i got into the ‘sc3 sc2 into next stitch,’ it started to “flounce up” on me. am i reading that pattern right? you single crochet 3 times in next single crochet, and then single crochet 2 times in next single crochet? i really love this pattern – it’s ingenious!! thank you for sharing, but pleeeeeze get back to me so i can continue to make this beautiful pattern! you are so talented!

  16. Dear RT,
    i am not the blog writer, but the pattern says to single crochet once in the next three stitches, then do two single crochets in the next stitch.


  17. I think this would be even more awesome if it smelled like coffee.
    Mabye fill it with coffee beans or have a coffee scented votive candle inside it or maybe add a few drops of some essential oil that smells like coffee.

    I think having some weight to it would make it a great paper weight.
    Someone could have it on their desk and give it a quick sniff for a little pick me up.

  18. Wow! That is adorable! I love coffee, which is probably not such a great thing considering I am 14 years old, but I can’t help it. I love the idea, but I don’t know how to crochet, only knit. Do you have any tips on adapting that into a knitting pattern?

  19. Ok I figured out a knitting pattern. Here it is:

    For Cup:
    CO 6 sts. Separate onto 3 needles. (2 on each needle)
    Row 1 and all odd rows: Knit
    Row 2: kfb every st (12 st)
    Row 4: m1, knit 1, m1, knit 1 all around. (18 st)
    Row 6: m1, knit 2, m1 knit 2 all around (24 st)
    Row 8: m1, knit 3, m1, knit 3 all around. (30 st)
    Row 10: m1, knit 4, m1, knit 4 all around. (36 st)
    knit until desired length. (knit a little longer than you want the coffee cup to be, to leave some room for sewing and a rim on the cup.
    Cast off.

    For coffee:
    Repeat rows 1-8
    knit 2 rows
    Cast off.

    For handle:
    Cast on 2 sts.
    Knit in i-cord until desired length.
    Cast off. Sew onto right side of coffee cup (the wrong side will show, believe me it looks better)

    For Cream swirl:
    Finger knit or single crochet about 4 inches.
    Sew into coffee filling.

    With right side of cup out and wrong side of coffee out, whipstitch around the edge, leaving a small portion unsewed for stuffing. Turn right side out (wrong side of cup showing, right side of coffee showing) fill with coffee beans of choice. Whipstitch the hole closed.
    TA DA!!!
    I do not take full credit for this. It was totally based off of this pattern. Just thought all the knitters who can’t crochet (like me) should be able to make one. Hope you enjoy!

  20. This is the perfect pattern for a special gift for my coffee drinking friend. She will love it.

    I am going to try making it taller to make a coffee mug

    I think a saucer could be made by starting with a circle and just increasing the rounds until you get the size you would like.

    Has anyone thought of embroidering or crocheting a design on the cup?

  21. This is too cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing (oh yeah and I just bookmarked all your other stuff too! thanks for adding to my ever growing craft / crochet list!

  22. Thanks for posting…great project! My son insisted it was hot chocolate and took it for his stuffed animals…

  23. Just wanted to make sure I understand this cute pattern? When you say to [sc 1, sc 2 into next stitch] and the other parts like this, are you telling me to sc1 in next stitch, then on the next stitch after that sc2, etc..??



  24. This is a cute pattern. While doing it I found there are no instructions for the handle. Could you email me them? I’m not good at improvising. Thank you.

  25. I love it! I would love to try this for my new niece and nephew to play with. Hope I can do it and make a set for them for tea time.

  26. Hello! I’m doing a story on international crochet cuisine, and I would like you to answer a few questions, please.

    1. What was your inspiration?
    2. Were you eating when you came up with these idea?
    3. Were you inspired by pictures of food?
    4. Where were you when you came up with this idea?
    5. Were you hungry while making this?
    6. What are you going to use this for?
    7. Do you have an Etsy store?
    8. What was your original idea for the title?
    9. Did you have to revise the pattern?
    10. Did you have to frog?
    11. Were you happy with the turn out?
    12. Will you make more?

    Thank you! And, one final, last bonus question…
    Would you like a copy of the story?
    Thanks again!

  27. Luv this pattern. I’m also looking for a crochet pattern for the teapot. When my apt warming takes place, my guests will receive a cup as a party favor. Thanks for posting the pattern.

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