Happy Crafting To You!

Somehow I've managed to give out my entire stock pile of knit cupcakes – They all went so fast! With atleast two or three upcoming birthdays to prepare for, I figured there was no time like the present to start replenishing my supplies.


Another pin cushion, mostly because I think the pinheads look better as sprinkles than the beads, but it's also for another crafty friend, so I think the effort will be appreciated. Unfortunately, I'm running out of "realistic" frosting colors… The neon pink may be pushing it a bit.

5 thoughts on “Happy Crafting To You!

  1. Have you seen commercial frosting colors? Neon pink is not off at all!

    Did you post the link to the pattern? I must make some…

  2. i am lookng for some crochet patterns to make cupcakes and other goodies,i really would appreciate it if someone could help me out.My husband has terminal cancer so i like to crochet different things.when i can.

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