Wee Bunny

More free stuffed animal patterns? A very generous motion by Wee Wonderfuls – Go take advantage of the opportunity and make your own! It's even the perfect time of year to make a sweet little bunny, with Easter on its way and all.

I liked the end product a lot more than my rendition of the pointy kitty, and it would have been even better if I hadn't read the instructions as if I had the brain power of a green bean. Meaning; I didn't really read them at all. Brilliant, huh? That's why I ended up with the opening for the stuffing on the bottom, instead of the back. Let me too you, it's surprisingly difficult to hand-sew in a perfect circle while trying to keep the stitches invisible. The bunny butt looks like it got mangled or chewed on! Bleh! Just… don't turn it over and it looks fine. I guess.

Another stupid mistake left my bunny with a bit of blush, if you noticed. This is due to… crazy glue. You know how it is… I was busily gluing on the little beady eyes when – Oops! – I hit the side of the fabric with the glue brush. Of course, crazy glue give no margin for error, and it was immediately set in, with only chemicals strong enough to melt through skin that would be able to remove it. Considering my options (None), I decided that this is exactly what I had intended all along. Yeah, isn't it cuter with blush?! ..Yeah…

Oh, and those ears… I managed to instantly loose the pattern piece for the ears, forcing me to draw my own… Not too horrible, in my opinion. I had a lot of trouble accepting that you were supposed to just zig zag across the raw edges… I really hated the way it looked. Cutting out new pieces, I made them slightly larger for a seam allowance, and turned the pieces just like the body was made.


Atleast one thing worked out exactly right: I had just enough matching light pink yarn scraps to make the little pom pom tail.

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