Of Cabbages and Kings

When I actually buy a book, whether it be for leisure reading or knitting patterns, it is a rare occasion indeed. I like to think of myself as “thrify,” but truth be told… I suppose can be rather cheap. That’s what makes my purchase of Knitorama by Rachel Mathews even more of a painfully upsetting let-down.

Tell me, what does this look like to you?


Not only is it a terrible picture, but this is supposed to be a cabbage. Sadly, it looks like a horribly swollen brussel sprout, some sick joke if you ask me. I really hate it. The picture in the book looked so much nicer… and bigger. Oh, and by the way, what on EARTH is a “yrn”?? It’s definitely not a “yarn,” and it doesn’t even list it in the glossary of terms in the back!

I also tried the facial mask as per a request from my aunt, and yeilded similar results. I ended up having to make it up along the way, and try to interpret what those instructions could possibly mean.

Maybe I’m just dense. God knows I can be more than just half a bubble off in the intelligence department… Either that, or the author wrote this while under the influence of some illegal substance. It looked like a really awesome book; Quirky, unique, and with a number of patterns I would actually want to make. I had never seen it anywhere else… but now I guess I’ve figured out why.

4 thoughts on “Of Cabbages and Kings

  1. I’ve always thought cabbages looked like, “horribly swollen brussel sprout[s]” so I don’t think it’s so bad – it’s rather cute, in fact! I can picture it in the plush arms of a stuffed bunny toy. I’m curious about Knitorama – what kinds of patterns does it have?

  2. My boyfriend saw the pic and said, “Oh, a cabbage”, so that means it’s recognisable. =) I’m knitting carrots right now.

    I’ve been wanting this book but can’t find it locally and now am sad to hear it’s not written well. Thanks for telling me, though, and saving me the headaches.

  3. I finally bought this book after seeing your cabbage. Even with the less-than-stellar review, well, I wanted a knitted cabbage too! It’s a good book to have around as inspiration and I love that it’s so madcap British.

  4. Brussel Sprout!

    Well, what’s wrong with that?
    Maybe to make it bigger, you could just use bigger yarn? (For a bigger gauge.)

    And I’m pretty sure that YRN means Yarn Round Needle, like a YO.

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