Fits Like a Glove

With all of the dazzling, intricate stitches and patterns that can take shape in any of knit item you can dream up, sometimes the simple cable just has a certain simplistic appeal.


I happen to love making them; So simple, barely any interruption from the regular knit stitch, just a few select strands weaving around and around, dancing for all time. These in particular made me think of the ocean, with modeled blue waves ebbing and flowing toward the beach of my pale, sandy skin.


Alright, enough lame prose from me today.

This is the perfect time of year for arm warmers, as the temperatures begin to finally rise, but are not quite warm enough for t-shirts alone.  I have tons of arm warmers made from old knee socks because I have an inability to throw anything out, but these are really much nicer.  Especially the fact that they won't fray at the end, and even have snug little thumb holes.

From the March issue of  

MagKnits, I might suggest these to someone who's slightly weary of cables.  It's a great way to practice, since there's nothing else more complicated going on.  I was slightly confused over which needle size to select, since I didn't understand the directions on how to make the stitches "ridged," so I just knit normally on… Oh, what was it?  Maybe #3 DPN?  I don't even remember anymore.  They came out very small, which worried me at first, but since I'm a small person, they fit just fine.

I was so happy to use this yarn, since it's probably been hiding at the very bottom of my stash longer than any of the other skeins.  I only wish I could get more, but strangely enough, I got it for free from a library book that my mom was processing (She works at an elementary school library) because she couldn't include the extras on the shelf.  Heh, don't they always say that the best things in life are free?


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  1. What kind of yarn is it? The color scheme looks like Pakucho cotton but the closeup looks like acrylic, plus I can’t see knitting Pakucho on size 3 needles.

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