Sweet ‘n Crafty

Okay, I swear this is the last knit cupcake for a while now.  I just couldn't help it!  Can't you see that it would make a perfect pin cusion?  And seeing as that is exactly I needed / wanted / just got tired of the old one, it's obvious that if I didn't knit myself my a sweet pin cusion, the gods themselves would would drink my blood.  [Don't question the logic – Just knit!!]


I don't say this very often about things that I make, but I really love it.  I bought the pins onsale a while back, and they look like perfect little candies on top.  It's slightly overstuffed so that it can actually hold the pins instead of having them just slide out.  There's very little that makes me crazier than cleaning up pins I've dropped on the floor… Especially since I usual don't find them until they're already lodged in my foot.

Part of me wants to keep making these little beauties until I have a baker's dozen… Or maybe atleast fill my large silicon muffin pan…


…But I'm trying exeedingly hard to restrain that part.