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I know my stash isn't all that impressive, but I thought it might be fun to participate in this year's FYS competition… If it can really be called that.  Anyway, I don't consider myself at all in the running to win, (Let's not kid ourselves here) so feel free to not care in the least.  I'll be the first to admit it:  My yarn is not all that exciting.

First, we have my closet…


My main bin, which holds the yarns that I use most and are still relatively full skeins.  I need to find a second container that looks like this so I can get rid of all my other bags, but I can't even remember where I got this one.


And then we have my large yarn bag, typically shoved into the corner of my closet, where it sits ontop of tons of other crap and doesn't fit at all.  It makes it kind of difficult to shut the door.  In here, we find the lesser valued yarn, and the little left over skeins and scraps.  When I went to the hospital, this is the assortment I had with me.


Next to that is my bag of Target yarn on the floor, which I have no clue as to how I'm going to use it, but come on, 25 cents per skein?  Thus, I have way too much of this yarn that only became an attractive purchase because of its price.


Finally, there is the large barrel of yarn in the sewing room, which holds all of my mom's old yarn, some of which had even been her grandmother's.  I don't often use the yarn in here, simply because of the quality.  The colors have faded a bit, and the fibers have been aggravated and some are already beginning to pill, even still in their skein.  And of course, those bags surrounding it are also full of yarn.

Kind of pathetic, I know, but that's it!  I like to conserve space and try not to waste money on extra skeins when I can just substitute for colors I already have.  …Which is why I somtimes end up with things like my stuffed blue penguin and neon pink bunny. 

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