Spring Flowers

In a desperate attempt to avoid doing my homework until it was far too late, I began looking through all oft he hundreds of links that I've horded throughout my months of browsing various patterns.  I wasn't ready to start anything big, just enough to make time pass until dinner.  It seems like I just can't sit still and veg in front of the computer, I always need to keep myself occupied… Which is why I almost always have so many projects, I suppose.

Anyway, I decided that was the perfect time to practice crochet.  Browsing through 

Lemony Lemonade by chance, I discovered a sweet littled flower-bobby pin that was so simple, it was really more of a formula than a pattern.


I know; You're  not impressed.  Well for me, this is a big deal!  It's probably the most complicated crochet I have completed to date, with DC and SC correctly executed and everything!  Not to mention what wonderful gifts a set or two of these could make for my little cousins…  It was so easy to whip this one up, literally a maximum of 15 minutes to go from a strand of yarn to a flowery pin.

Go a head, try it! It's certainly a fast, timely endevor to pull off any day of the week, (Not just Sunday, as my lack of photography skills suggest) and it's even easy enough for a knitter!

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