Thank God It’s FryDay

yEtiquette tip: Just order the French fries.

Your friends are lovely people, all of them, I’m sure. Some may just not have the confidence to ask for what they want. Perhaps they’re simply not self-aware enough to even know what they really want. They could be forgiven for all the salads, dressing on the side, no croutons, please, because this is the culture we live in. It’s polite to take the spartan, healthy path, while denying more decadent desires.

That’s why you’re doing them, yourself, and society at large a great favor by ordering the French fries. Don’t ask, don’t make a scene about it, still go for those giant bowls of frilly lettuces all the same. Nonchalantly push the glorious golden spuds into the center of the table, make subtle gestures to share if you must provide further encouragement, and consider the ice officially broken.


7 thoughts on “Thank God It’s FryDay

  1. Fries done well are hard to beat, but also hard to find. I like mine crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, but one of our daughters prefers them soft all over. We work/eat well together. :-) Have a delightful weekend, Hannah.


    1. We might have trouble sharing a plate then, because those sound like the perfect sort to me too. We might have to fight for the best bits. ;)

  2. Good thing it is nearly Lunch time Hannah here. this post made my taste buds sizzle..
    We are having potatoes roasted today in the oven, I par boil them and then roast in hot olive oil in the oven till crisp. Have a wonderful Sunday Hannah. <3

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