Smoke and Mirrors

Cascading down the hills and clouding city streets, this was not the usual fog rolling in from the bay. This was smoke, thick and acrid, obscuring our vision, tearing at our throats. Fires burned just beyond eye shot, but the devastation knew no bounds. We all felt the pain of a hundred thousand trees incinerated in an afternoon, reduced to ash and deposited without ceremony upon cars and buildings miles away, like a deathly snow in the summertime blaze.

Escape from this unseen monster is impossible; it hunts you, haunts you through homes and offices. It lingers in the stale air underground across BART tracks. It condenses inside closed windows. It stays within your lungs long after you exhale. It suffocates from the outside in, and the inside out.

This is not a dystopian vision of the future. This living hell is the new normal.

2018 California Wildfires

5 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. It’s so sad and seems to the new summer/fall normal. It’s been painfully smokey here and nerve-racking little fires have been breaking out in the area with devastating sadness on the news from the large ones.

  2. Dear Hannah, it is very scary to see footage of what is happening on the news but it must be even scarier to be living it. Please stay safe and well. May the fires cease burning and may this not remain the new normal. Sending love.

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