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Marriage changes everything. Or, it changes nothing- It depends on who you ask. So much goes into a wedding, from the time and logistics to the pure emotional energy, it’s easy to understand how much pressure the average bride and groom must feel. Surely, after all the hard work, legally binding documents, merriment and revelry, everything must seem different from this point forward. The truth of the matter is, I think that the shift has already happened, quietly and without fanfare, before you ever discussed floral arrangements or said, “I do.” For all intents and purposes, you’ve been married since the moment you met.

Brian, I’ve never seen my sister happier than when she’s with you. Rachel, I haven’t remotely liked a single one of your suitors before this, and in case you’re still wondering, I’m officially giving this one my seal of approval. You two are so good for each other; encouraging one another through challenges big and small, laughing off the little things that don’t really matter and tackling important issues that do head-on.

The world needs more complimentary pairings like you two, because that’s what marriage really is. It’s the love you two share, nothing more and nothing less. A piece of paper won’t change that. This momentous event, joyous as it is, won’t change that. We’ll have a clearly defined date to celebrate now, happily marking the years as you grow old together, but you’ll go home tonight and realize that everything feels the same. If you ask me, that’s the truest indication of your love, because it doesn’t depend on any external validation. Your love is enough- more than enough.


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

10 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. For those who are coupled and happy, get along, are sensible, responsible, compassionate, truly care about the other and all their other loved ones and their friends, do their best to help locally and globally, etc. — I say to you, Mazel Tov!! Live Long & Prosper. However, not all are destined to be part of a couple, and I’m one of ’em. I love my single-hood, and wouldn’t trade it for all the vegan chocolate in the U.S., (though it could be vaguely tempting ;) ). To all those who are 2 or 1 and happy, comfortable in their lives with all they are and all they do – Congratulations!!

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful wedding dress! Congratulations to the happy couple :)

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  3. Such a sweet post and great pictures, very beautiful dress. Congrats to the couple!

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  4. That rings looks like the one ring… from Lord of the Rings, someone should toss it in fire and see if the markings show!

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  5. Way to make us tear up, Hannah! (… and by ‘us’, I, of course, mean ‘me’. *sniff*)

    What a beautiful and touching tribute. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. Mazel tov to your sister and her husband, of whom you approve ;) And from someone who’s been married for a year, nothing changes—it somehow stays the same and yet is also better and more fun and awesome.

    Cheers and hugs : )

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  6. Such a beautiful tribute to your sister and brother-in-law
    , Hannah — I don’t even know the couple and I had a tear in my eye. And the photos are magnificent. It sounds like Rachel and Brian have made an enviable match. I wish them the best!

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  7. Lovely shots, Hannah, and congratulations to them both!


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  8. What a beautiful post to of your sister and brother in law :) Mazal tov:)

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  9. Oh my gosh Hannah, how wonderful! Beautiful photos and what a pretty & unique ring! Congrats to the happy couple!!

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