The Eleventh Hour

Staring at a blank screen, the thin cursor blinking steadily, patiently back at me, it’s hard to know just where to begin. That was the case eleven years ago, and is still the case today. Beyond mere numbers, wildly improbable, previously impossible changes have come to pass since then; it’s a far different world now than I imagined back then, or could possibly conjure up in the most outlandish of dreams. Through the good and the bad, this little corner of the internet has been here, a welcoming space for all that may come to pass. Even when I begin a new post without a clue as to what to say, almost 1,500 published pieces prove that there’s a surprising wealth of untold stories left to share.

If BitterSweet was a child, it might be officially be considered a tween now. It would be in the 5th or 6th grade at this point, a miniature adult with real opinions, passions, and friends. It might even be going through puberty, experiencing growing pains or questioning itself as it changes and attempts to find its place in the world. Maybe I’m taking the personification a bit too far, but it’s hard to deny that it all sounds pretty accurate.

Raising and nurturing BitterSweet has been an interesting journey, to say the least. It wasn’t always a conscious decision that guided my parental strategies, and yet in spite of my oversights or misguided judgements, I’d like to think that my baby has turned out pretty darned well. I can’t take all the credit though; it truly does take a village. Without you, my lovely, dearest readers, this space would have become neglected and gone silent long ago. I wish there was something more to add, something I can give back in return, but no small token would ever amount to the gratitude I hold for all your comments, views, likes, and emails have meant to me over all this time. Eleven years may be an impossibly long lifespan for the average blog, but in human years, we’re just getting started.

Thank you for being there, whether it was from the beginning or from just this post today, to help bring BitterSweet into the world and make it what it is. I couldn’t have done it without you- ALL of you. As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep on writing, cooking, crafting, photographing, and sharing… for another eleven years, at least, but hopefully more.

29 thoughts on “The Eleventh Hour

  1. Yaaaayyyyy! Three cheers for you and your baby ;) Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

    Thank YOU for providing such a comforting, safe, inspiring, and tasty space for us to turn to. Here’s to many, many more years of sharing, learning, and being inspired by your culinary, photographic, crafty, and written masterworks.

    Hooray! : )

  2. Congratulations dear Hannah.. So wonderful to learn you have been in blog land so long.. I started in 2007 but in Live Spaces.. Then transferring my whole blog to WP when it closed down

    So great you took that plunge way back then.. And LOOK at you now.. Brilliant..
    Have a wonderful new Week my friend
    Sue xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I’m not surprised to hear that you’ve been in the game for so long, too. Your words have real resonance and staying power. It’s a shame that it took so long for our blogs to connect, but I’m happy to keep following along for the foreseeable future now. :)

  3. Your blogging longevity is a testament to your tenaciousness Ms Hannah. Thanks to you, I know that vegan food can be incredibly innovative and interesting. You don’t have to sub bought vegan hotdogs for everything, you can crochet some seriously funky things and that looking at life from side left is a definite option to be taken into consideration. Also thanks to you, I have two healthy, happy, very eager to grow cherimoya babies reaching for our sunny skies. Online connections are precious and when you meet someone with a similar ethos, the miles don’t matter. BIG hugs to you Ms Hannah and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful view of the world and your “outside the box” mindset with the rest of us. Here’s to as many more years as you feel like you want to share with us. We count ourselves as blessed and lucky to have met you :)

    1. I can’t begin to express how incredibly lucky I feel that have met you through the blog… Just imagine, in a different world, our paths would have never once crossed in a million years. Such joy and wisdom I would have missed out on without that connection! I truly do cherish your comments. It’s also mind-boggling that some small piece of my own cherimoya dream is now growing in your backyard. I can’t wait to keep hearing about how it- and you- thrive. :)

      1. One day I will be the only cherimoya producer in the district thanks to you. They love being in the ground and have grown heaps since I put them in. You are an amazing person Hannah. You give 110% of yourself in everything that you do. Your writing is interesting, quirky and most importantly fun. You approach cooking with vegan ingredients from side left and always invent recipes that make me want to try them STAT. I also love your crochet. The blogosphere would be a much more boring place without your stellar blog :)

  4. This is one of my favorite blogs and I have made several recipes! That Ultimate Chocolate Cake is my go to recipe and everyone loves it. I need you to develop just a regular vanilla cake. I find the blog very inspiring. I’ve wanted to move West for years and because of your pics, I am READY!

    1. That warms my heart! I must admit, I feel like there’s not much left to discover in vanilla cake… But I could still be persuaded to give it a try. Is this more of a white cake or a yellow cake you’re thinking of? (Can you already see the wheels in my head spinning?) :)

  5. Amazing! Keep up the awesome work – without Bittersweet, I wouldn’t have one my great friends. Congratulations from me and my family xo

  6. Hi Hannah! It’s kamutflakegirl from vegan days of yore… just stepped back on the blogtrain and lovely to see you’re still going strong. Just saying hi, I guess, and here’s to as many years of creativity as a lifetime can hold.

    1. Oh my goodness, it’s so good to hear from you again! Talk about memories… It’s been so long. It makes me incredibly sad to think about all the great blogs we’ve lost, but I’m thrilled to see you back in the game again. You just got a new (old) subscriber! :)

      1. ha awesome! yeah there have been so many comings and goings, it’s part of the landscape I guess, but I think you deserve credit for longevity. I never wanted to stop blogging it was usually a lost camera or something, and there’s always an urge/drive to keep writing. .. so it yeah it’s good to be back!

  7. Wow, 11 years! Congratulations. You were one of the first vegan bloggers I followed and probably influenced my decision to go vegan sevenish years ago. I’m so glad you’ve stuck around!

  8. Wow! As a new comer to the blog world reading this post was so inspiring! I haven’t even made my first post yet but it was so great to read how your blog is like a child and made me look forward to my own future in blogging. I definitely will be taking a look back on your blog (still new here) and can’t wait to see how this baby of your grew as well continue to follow you from here on out. Thank you so much for the inspiration in just one post!

    1. I’m truly touched! Thank you so much for such kind words… I can’t wait to see how your blog grows and develops, too! Go ahead, take the plunge; the first post needn’t be big or even meaningful, as my own initial entry proves. Everyone has to start somewhere. :)

  9. Happy blogiversary! I really enjoying reading your posts each week. You are an incredible writer and inspire my own writing – and your recipes are out of this world! Thank you for doing what you do :)

  10. I panicked as I read your post because my first thought was you were signing off. What a relief to read that you were celebrating and continuing your beautiful blog. I don’t want to stop seeing your gorgeous photographs or reading your delightful writing.

  11. Oh my gosh, I thought it was the end of the blog too (I think it’s the title), so relieved it’s not. Congratulations on eleven years! So awesome to see all of your photos and writing grow and evolve. Here’s to another 11 years! :-)

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