One Small Step Foward

I’m a little nervous about this. Infact, very nervous. After countless years of lurking around various blogs all over the web, I have finally decided to come out of hiding. Good news? Bad news? We’ll have to wait and see… and who knows, I may disappear just as quickly again. The truth be told, this is my third attempt at creating a blog now – every other time I get everything just about set, and then freak out and delete the whole thing. This is really just a little experiment, so please, if I can manage to leave an actual post, I would appreciate honest feedback, no matter how harsh or critical. I just need to know if this is a world that I could truly become a part of.

3 thoughts on “One Small Step Foward

  1. I’m really glad that you decided to start this blog!… Two years ago. :D Oh and I’m wondering if you have an RSS Feed that I’m missing? I find that it’s the easiest way for me to keep track of all the food blogs I read. :)

  2. 8 years! What would the world…MY world have been like should you have deleted this hive of experimental gorgeousness?!!! I bow to your tenacity Hannah and although high 5’s are crass, sad and to be avoided at all costs, I think the occasion calls for at least a couple of them and a good many “WOOT’S” to boot :). I love this blog. Since I stumbled over it a few years ago I have been an avid follower and have obviously only been on the tail end of what has been a metioric rise to now. I think I must have bought your old camera as “yellow” is one of my party tricks ;). Far from upgrading, I have just learned to appreciate and take delight in “yellow” ;). Here’s to so many more years I can’t even count them with all my fingers and toes (that’s a lot…nature gifted me with quite a few) and hugs from furthest farest North Tasmania about as far South as you can go before you hit seals and penguins and the South Pole :)

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