Short, Sweet, and Sharp

This is not a gift guide. To call it as much would be self-congratulatory exaggeration, promising far greater shopping insights than such a short list could deliver. The truth of the matter is that every year, I dream of highlighting my favorite products, sharing them far and wide, but every year I find that proposition entirely overwhelming. A serial online shopper, I’m guilty of stuffing my virtual cart all year round, amounting to scores of marvelous new finds that go entirely unsung, despite best intentions.

Besides, I’m not about to declare how you should be spending your hard-earned money, whether it’s on gifts for loved ones or yourself. Rather, this is just a short, sweet, and sharp round up of just the latest things I’m loving, and think that you might enjoy, too.

Short: Microplane has become synonymous with the product they’ve innovated, and for good reason. They continue to produce the incontrovertibly best tools for removing zest in short, attractive, and flavorful little strips, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of their range. All graters are not created equal, and now that Microplane offers a wide variety of shredding textures through their attractive Master Series, I could never go back to my cheap dollar store stand-in. From fine to extra coarse, these sharp tools are a simple but drastic upgrade for anyone who likes to zest it up in the kitchen.

Sweet: Opening up this box on Christmas Day really would be pretty magical for recipients of any age. Custom made to your tastes, the Magic Candy Factory lets buyers pick out flavors, shapes, and glittery finishes to fabricate their very own 3D-printed gummy candies. All vegan, delicious, and beautifully rendered, this just might be the big winner of the gift giving season. After all, who could ever be disappointed by a mango-flavored, sparkling, gummy octopus?

Sharp: They say you should never give a knife as a present because it will sever your relationship with that person, but I’m not buying it. I am, however, buying this Wüsthof Epicure 9″ Double-Serrated Bread Knife, which cuts through even the toughest crusts just like… Well, you know. Those pointed teeth really dig right in and create clean slices with little effort. Leave your dull knife in the dust and consider upgrading your current arsenal with this well-balanced blade.

Now tell me, what are you currently loving, coveting, and craving? There’s always space for more on my wish list…

14 thoughts on “Short, Sweet, and Sharp

  1. I like Microplane and our older daughter got us a set of J.A. Henckels last year. One of my favorite things over the years has been a bread machine, although I don’t use it quite as much as when the girls were little and I made a one-pound loaf virtually every day. I can always find things at Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table or even Home Goods that I like, but I try to get only the ones that I think I’d really use. This year I’m hoping for a simple wooden pasta drying rack so I can move from ravioli to other types of pasta. My pasta machine is also a favorite, as it’s much easier than trying to roll out the pasta by hand! Love my pressure cooker as well.


  2. Hi Hannah, I just came back from a long holiday. When I re-open my word press blog and saw this gummy candy looks amazing. Those micro planes also in my wishing list as well. Wish my dream will come true this year. Thanks! :)

  3. Wow the gummies are vegan!? fab!! I’ve got to say I completely agree about cost for quality. I absolutely must have a decent knife in my kitchen because I love cooking and it’s so much more enjoyable with a good knife! I recently bought this mini knife which you can rock back and forth which is great for cutting garlic and herbs.

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