An Unexpected Interloper

It’s been a banner year for our postage stamp-sized garden out back, finally turning out greater yields than the miniscule seeds that went into the ground in the first place. Predictably, with greater growing success comes the need for greater vigilance, as plump tomatoes gleam brighter and redder by the day, proving irresistible to both human and animal passersby. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to let the immature fruits ripen on the vine, as deeper shades of blush tempt a premature harvest, keeping other creatures from that same impulse has become something of a full-time occupation. Flimsy netting can only go so far, especially with the creatures smart enough to burrow beneath that loosely applied barrier.

Such was the case when one particularly ambitious (or perhaps, merely hungry) rabbit made it past the fence unhindered. Seemingly stunned to have stumbled upon this treasure trove of produce, he couldn’t quite get his bearings, unsure if it was all real or just a beautiful dream. Standing slack-jawed on a big green hill to get a better view of this bounty, it never even occurred to him that it was in fact a baby watermelon right beneath his feet. Beggars can’t be choosers, but when faced with a near limitless selection of edibles, this particular herbivore singled out the one thing he wanted most, neglecting all the easier prey: Carrots.

Upon spotting the green, frilly tops shooting up from the tender earth, there were no suitable alternatives as far as the rabbit was concern. Leaping off the neglected melon that might as well have been made of stone, he made a beeline for his beloved, fervently scooping away the dirt and yanking those promising sprouts with all his might. Possessing impressive might despite his size, he made quick work of the task and soon took one rapturous bite full of…

Parsley root? Indignant, he spat out the mouthful of beige tuber, still in disbelief at what he was tasting. Seriously, who plants parsley root instead of carrots? To call this a disappointment wouldn’t even scratch the surface at what this industrious rabbit was feeling, especially after all of the obstacles he had to overcome, all for that subtly celery-like taste. It wasn’t sweet at all! Who on earth would eat, let alone plant such a bizarre, unlovable vegetable?

Suddenly realizing that the garden mistress must be a raving lunatic, he was gripped with fear, sensing the gravity of his hunger-crazed and thoughtless actions. He fled the scene without a second to lose, abandoning his unwanted plunder right where it lay.

Rabbit amigurumi pattern from ABC Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi. And yes, I do happen to love parsley root; deal with it, you silly rabbits.

14 thoughts on “An Unexpected Interloper

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Naughty bunny! Wish I could get you to make all of my amigurumi Ms Hannah, you are awesome at it :). Parsley root eh? Sounds like something I might be interested in…narf detective on the case! Have a great weekend Ms Hannah and you had best keep an eye on that little green rabbit, he has the gleam of an Earl in his eye…

  2. Oh that little guy is so cute! I was about to ask ‘what’s a parsley root?’ until a smarter part of my brain thought ‘why not check the link labelled parsley root, that will probably lead to some sort of answer’ and luckily it did, thanks for that. The ones you grew look great, and they do look just like parsnips. What do you usually use them for?

    1. Happy to spread the parsley root love! I usually keep it really simple, roasting them up with the standard olive oil, salt and pepper (they’re great in a mix with butternut or sweet potatoes to add a bit of sweetness to the dish.) One of the best ways to enjoy them is definitely in a creamy soup though- Treat them like potatoes and you’ll be golden.

  3. Great story and great writing Hannah. You know who would plant parsley root instead of carrots? The Hungarians need to for their Hungarian Goulash of course…LOL I just learned there was a difference between parsley root and parsnips this last month… very interesting.

  4. You make the cutest creations. I still have the little green tea bag you made me sitting on my desk. :)

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