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When the average stack of mail contains little more than bills and catalogs, there’s a certain thrill in getting a parcel that’s been addressed by hand, bundled up with care and sealed by a real person. Care packages are a rarity for anyone beyond college age, which makes the Vegan Package Swap a singularly heart-warming concept, bringing together vegans from all corners of the world. Unlike many similar programs, international swappers are not only welcomed, but encouraged. When Glauce, the founder and author behind All About Vegan Food, invited me to swap with her directly, the offer was as irresistible as the goodies soon to come.

Thoughtfully curated with all the foods and flavors I love, this cardboard-clad treasure box bore a wealth of sweet and savory snacks, direct from Ireland. I must sheepishly admit that I devoured the whole lot too quickly to take proper tasting notes, but rest assured that there wasn’t a single lackluster pick among them.

Highlights include the two Nākd bars, particularly the Rhubarb and Custard flavor- An completely unheard of combination for a raw snack, let along a packaged food. Choco Goji Berries from Choco Delic are what chocolate-covered raisins can only dream of growing up to be: Bold, bitter but smooth chocolate on the outside, their subdued sweetness comes entirely from the tangy, chewy red berries within. On the savory side of the tracks, Bombay Snack Mix sold by The Happy Pear is an addictive blend of crunchy, salty, and slightly spicy lentils, chickpeas, and gram flour twigs. It’s the kind of stuff that you could eat by the handful without batting an eye. Kale chips are clearly a worldwide phenomenon now, and the Kale Crunchies made by Natasha’s Living Foods is a delicious reminder of why they caught on. Thick and hearty thanks to a cheesy nutritional yeast seasoning, they’re a healthy treat that has no language boundaries.

Getting a taste of the goodies available overseas was a thrilling experience, both for the actual eats and the privilege of getting to know Glauce and a few of her favorite local foods. For those who can’t travel the world but still want a taste of it, the Vegan Package Swap provides an opportunity to have it shipped right to your door. You may even make new friends across the globe along the way!

PS: If you want to take a peek at the goodies I sent over to Glauce, check out her post about the experience right here.

19 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. I sent lots of care packages to our girls while they were in college (and one still has two years to go) but I get a package much less often. You’re right, it’s wonderful! And what you got sounds delicious as well, a double blessing. :-)


  2. Anything that arrives by post automatically becomes more exciting. The other great thing I like about swaps like these is thinking some kind soul took the time to put together a lot of exciting things for you!

  3. I love getting foodie packages, especially when they’re from another country so they’re full of goodies I’ve never had before.
    I’m in England so it’s fun to see all those familiar products, though I’ve never had anything by Natasha’s living foods so I should definitely change that!

  4. that is one colorful package of goodies. and so much good stuff. i have way too many snack mixes at home. they are just too addictive.

  5. Those pukka teas are so good! we have them here too! Those bend & naked bars are excellent too! I recently discovered them! :)
    Great cool tasty products & what a cool bag! :)

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