Pavlovian Conditioning

Fancy and flour-free, it’s unlikely that you’d find any dessert better suited for Passover than the classic pavlova. Crispy meringue cradles whipped cream and fresh fruits, creating a simultaneously light and rich sensation all in one bite. Based heavily on egg whites and dairy, this versatile treat is surprisingly easy to veganize while remaining every bit as luscious. Pictured above is a miniature interpretation, perfect for a single serving so that no one has to share.

It all starts with the Meringue Cookies on page 191 of Vegan Desserts, piped in small nest shapes with a large star tip. For a particularly spring-y rendition, the addition of lemon zest for flavor and a tiny pinch of turmeric for a sunny yellow hue does wonders to perk up the plain vanilla base. After baking for the time as written, just drop down the oven temperature to 250 and bake for an additional 15 – 20 minutes longer to yield perfectly crisp shells, through and through. Once cooled, simply fill the indentation of each little cookie with a dollop of whipped coconut cream and a handful of ripe berries to seal the deal.

The combination of crunchy lemon cookie, creamy whipped coconut, and juicy berries will undoubtedly have all your guests drooling.

18 thoughts on “Pavlovian Conditioning

  1. funny. pavlovas never appealed to me until right now! gosh darn it, Hannah, you’ve made me want to bake again! (thank you.)

  2. How cute these single-serving pavlovas look! I love the idea of making them small-sized, perfect to serve when you have guests at home.

  3. You just sent me off on a 2 hour discovery of vegan meringues online. I love how often after reading one of your posts I am inspired and learn SO much more than what you carefully place here for us to start sniffing around. I can’t get soy isolate here (not sure if your recipe has it, couldn’t find it anywhere ;) ) but found a recipe that only used Ener-g and I have a recipe from Crescent Dragonwagon’s amazing cornbread bible for a very similar egg replacement recipe so I am going to give that one a go and I also found Miyoko’s recipe for that amazing flax meringue and I am going to have a go at making some interesting pie and dessert toppings with it. LOVE the possibilities of your site Ms Kaminsky and might have to elevate you to professor Kaminsky if I keep learning so much as a result of your posts :)

  4. the weather has been so warm lately that I’ve been thinking of making pavlovas too! I love it especially with my favourite berries.

    loved how you styled yours. It looks really pretty! Great that you manage to make a vegan version of it!

  5. Such gorgeous dessert, love how you veganize traditional desserts and made them even more look amazing! I love the combination of crunchy lemon cookie, creamy whipped coconut and juicy berries, you’ve already got me drooling all day long now!

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